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Zapata was founded by @birdinc!

The previous Post about zapata has initial details about the zapata community and this current post is not very different from the first one, this one only contains a review and explications of some facts about zapata.

Today the Zapata community on blurt is lead by @empato365 who manages and curates on posts that uses Zapata tags


  • Zapata is simply a revolutionary community of Positive minds, supporting students from different parts of the world and people who makes their positive daily affirmations on blurt blockchain with upvotes.
  • Zapata also supports blurt blockchain charity posts with upvotes and also gives little supports tosome quality posts curated by @blurtafrica and @blurt365
  • The Zapata community is influenced positively by the book think and grow rich, encouraging community members to read the book, which could influence their goals in life and lead them to better positions in life.

Zapata targets onboarding students and positive minded people with great goals to the blurt blockchain, in order to onbaord passionate people who would remain active on blurt to increase blurt's daily active users (DAU).
Zapata initialy focuses on students in Nigerian Universities because @empato365 who leads the zapata community lives in Nigeria so it would be easy for him to manage and it will also expands virtually to other schools around africa and the world as time goes ON.


  • Zapata doesn't only support students, but also supports people who reads the book "Think and grow rich - by Napoleon Hills" to make their daily posts attaching their Dialy affirmations influenced by the book, think and grow rich to the bottom of their daily posts.
  • Zapata supports posts from students who joins the Zapata community to make their daily affirmation posts.
  • Zapata also supports Humane posts about charity with upvotes
  • Zapata community gives out 5%-25% upvote to community members depending on the qaulity of the posts as long as the posts includes their daily affirmations
  • @empato365 selects people(students) in numbers from about 1-20 active in the zapata community to reward them with 50%-100% upvotes from @gozapata. This serves as the Zapata Monthly support and scholarships through upvotes to the selected students.

Zapata is on a mission to take instagram in Nigeria. The demographics of Nigeria proves that Nigeria has a very young population, because of this, Zapata targets getting the younger minds who would become devoted and passionate about the zapata project to join blurt and post their morning/evening rites or affirmation included at the bottom of their daily posts on blurt blockchain in order to recieve upvotes from @gozapata.

Zapata has a popular meaning which stands for " cobbler" but it also means Revolutionary, and this meaning inspired @birdinc to choose Zapata as the name of project.

Zapata was supposed to be a fork of steem, that would airdrop the steem balances of every steem account at steem block 43,569,969 to them, including that of steem inc, without deprecating any acocunt unlike blurt, then it was supposed to be a blockchain that will have the same features like blurt, except fees. @birdinc also intended to make it a blurt minnow chain someday, forked from blurt and capping the holdings in all accounts to a fixed maximum, but for some unforseen circumstances, Zapata no longer continued as it's blockchain but rather a community on blurt, since @birdinc was also a part of the blurt team.

Today Zapata is a project leveraging on blurt blockchain to build it's postive minded community.
It starts off as a great community of hardworking sudents/enthusiast/veterans that uses the blockchain technology.

From the meaning of Zapata which is revolutionary, Zapata is going to be a big and very active community of students and postive people on blurt that would revolutionize the blockchain industry through social media disruption. Zapata currently exists as a community on blurt blockchain and the planned rewards in upvotes would be given throgh the @gozapata account, funded by the blurt foundation.


The right tag to be used by those paticipating in the zapata community must include #zapata so that the posts could always seen and upvoted by @gozapata

  1. Download the ebook "Think and grow rich - Napoleon Hills and read (Not compulsory)

  2. Create a post that is of atleast 50 - 100 words

  3. Attach Your daily affirmations inspired by the book, think and grow rich. Your daily affirmations must be written including:
    The exact amount of money you desire to earn.
    what you will do/give in return after you earn this money

  4. Include/Establish a definite date which you intend to poses the money you desire.
    state a definite plan to carry out youe desire.

  5. Zapata recommends that you read the written words aloud, atleast twice daily as it directed by Napoleon Hills, author of think and grow rich.

  6. You must always include your daily affirmations on all your posts and do not forget to post it atleast twice every day
    Only the most active participant(s) would be chosen every month to be rewarded with $100 worth of Blurt upvote for the given month on their ≥ 2 daily posts on blurt.


STEP 1 - CHOOSE A TITLE : E.G - EXPLAINATION OF ZAPATA TO THE BLURT COMMUNITY ( You can choose any title relating to your 50 - 100 worded daily post)

Today I wrote a review about the Zapata community using the @gozapata account and my personal account @empato365.

Today I will also be taking a zoom call at different intervals with the listing managers of bitso, bilaxy and p2pb2b about the blurt project and work towards landing a very good listing deal for blurt.

STEP 3: ATTACH YOUR DAILY AFFIRMATIONS AT THE BOTTOM OF YOUR POST:- (note that this is the condition that would qualify your post to receive and upvote from @gozapata)

By the 31st of January 2021, I will accumulate a Net Worth in excess of $100,000 with a monthly income of $3,000 or more.

In exchange for this, I will work as Head of Communications for the BLURT foundation, work to help in marketing blurt and to list BLURT on various exchanges that has high liquidity, work to build my social media influence, help projects as a witness, and engage in lucrative asset speculation,
work with telokanda as a founder/ideator and a curator for @blurtafrica and @gozapata in order to onboard more africans to the blockchain leveraging on various blockchains.

My mission in life is to become very succesful and happy In every endeavour.

Post Author - Emmanuel Patrick (@empato365)
Click hereto approve @empato365 for witness.

That is it.
Zapata is simple, please do not abuse the tag
Thank you!

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Esto es fantástico! Me encantó encontrarme con esta publicación! Saludos desde Venezuela!