Witness Announcement | First Witness from Sri Lanka

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Hello Blurt World,

This is my official announcement as a Blurt Witness

Who I am

With several years of experience in Blockchain-based content platforms, I finally established a witness node here on Blurt. Introducing myself, I am a DevOps Engineer in the profession who is living in Sri Lanka. Proudly, I am the very first witness who joined the chain from Sri Lanka.

In my history, I encourage people on 2 main things, the first one is building power, and the second one is quality content. I initiated the Blurt Powerup Day with the intention of encouraging people to powerup in a competitive manner. I am so eagerly waiting to see how the first #bpud will happen in February and improve the process according to experience.

I highly appreciate quality content writers who add value to the platform while committing to the activeness of the community. In the future, I am thinking to expand my own community in steemit to Blurt.

Node Specification

CPU : 2 x 2.6 GHz
Storage : 80 GB SSD (upgraded to 5X faster)
Bandwidth : 16 TB

Witness Properties


Voting Witnesses

If you think that I am someone worthy to receive your witness vote, please visit https://blurtwallet.com/~witnesses and add vote to @randula


Finally, I must thank @zahidsun, @ayram, @kentzz001, balvinder294 and all others for supporting me during the setup process.


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This is nice.

I hope to see you bring forward initiatives that'll go a long way.

  ·  5 months ago  ·  

Congratulations dear, I voted for you already


  ·  5 months ago  ·  

Welcome neighbor, nice to see you here as witness

  ·  5 months ago  ·  

Thanks neighbor... 🙂 I appreciate it. I also already had added you.

  ·  5 months ago  ·  

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Voted you as a witness

  ·  5 months ago  ·  

Thank you

I think we will remain friends forever here in the blurt platform.
Thank you

  ·  5 months ago  ·  


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  ·  5 months ago  ·  

I congratulate you. Hopefully your presence as a witness at Blurt can have a positive impact on the development of Blurt in the future. Excited to hear this good news and can't wait for your move to build this community.

  ·  5 months ago  ·  

Thank you for your well wishes