Symbiont{s} | Ecosynthesizer | Blurt Blockchain Implementation

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Thriving through a Symbiotic Equilibrium
Symbiont{s} | Ecosynthesizer | Blurt Blockchain Implementation


We are more than happy to finally post for the first time on the Blurt Blockchain to let the community know about the things that we have been working on for several months now.

The Ecosynthesizer project was created by the symbionts team for the first time to serve as a decentralized curation initiative to support several communities. However, things have evolved since the first creation of the project. After the curation project, we started working on providing an alternative to explorers that failed the neutrality test. Our approach to building the explorer was based on providing key tools and features to the community and making sure that everything is as compact, clean, and refined as possible.

The idea of supporting several chains is not new, but we must say that all the honor goes to the community. We give the community huge regard and we are constantly doing our best to accommodate its members and implement all the features that they want. In reality, implementing the Blurt blockchain requires dev operations that we could not directly cover from what we were getting from Steem because we already have financial obligations there that are keeping us to expand our operations even for the Steem community. Therefore, we opted for generating rewards here on Blurt in its early stages to cover a portion of the development, but we quickly realized that this is not great because it goes directly against our symbiotic and mutualistic approach to help the community and cooper with our business partners. Thankfully, there are a lot of similarities between the 2 chains that made our work a bit easier, along with the direct funding from the symbionts team. We have also decided to start our witness @symbionts to take part in the Blurt community, and also in playing a role to link both communities through communication and project incubation.

So, without further ado, the Blurt blockchain is 100% completed and fully functional. You will find below a summary of the most important things you will find on The Ecosynthesizer.

The Main Page

On the main page, you will have two search bars, one for the Steem blockchain and one for the Blurt blockchain. Under the search bars, you will find button links that will take you directly to the page that you want. If you want to go to the main page of a specific blockchain, you can simply click on the Global Data button.

Ecosynthesizer main page.png

The Main Blockchain Page

Besides the search bar, the info bar contains some general information about Blurt like the genesis block, price, market cap, registration fee, and so forth.

ecosynthesizer und search bar.png

The Latest blocks table is continuously updated with the head block. The table also contains the number of transactions in a specific block in addition to the witness who produced the block and the link to the BLK page. One could notice that we are not preloading 21 blocks to fit with the other tables when first visiting the website, and the reason is quite simple. We did it mainly to lower the loading time.

ecosynthesizer block table.png

The transaction table displays a link to the transaction page and the type of transaction. You will notice that things are slow here because the level of on-chain activity on Blurt is a bit low.

ecosynthesizer trx feed.png

The schedule table refers to the shuffling mechanism that controls which witness is going to produce the next block. The average joe does not need such information, but it is a nice thing to see nonetheless.

Ecosynthesizer witness pos.png

The global property table contains information about the blurt blockchain.

ecosynthesizer chain data.png

The Account Page

The transactions feed contains the timestamp, the transaction ID, and the block that the transaction is part of

Ecosynthesizer account feed.png

The filtering feature (though not yet perfect) allow people to filter the transactions feed of a specific account. The range of choice is quite diverse but we scraped a lot of them compared to Steem because they no longer exist on Blurt. The filtering operation is on the client-side and the response time depends on the capability of the querent's machine.

ecosynthesizer filtering.png

The balance displays information about how much BLURT and BLURT POWER an account contains. You may notice that the website will sometimes show different values than other available explorers because we are using the sum of the detailed balance table. The balance table also contains an overall estimation of the account value.

ecosynthesizer balance.png

The information table contains all the information related to the vote weight, vote value, voting bars, account age, number of posts, and some useful links. The Upvote Value CALC allows people not only to see a worth estimation of their votes but also to use it as a calculator by entering custom values. We may clarify that the value that people are getting is just an estimation because, in the end, the value of a vote involves a lot more things that are dynamic and defined in 7 days.

We are using Prefork Era for accounts that existed before the fork because the get_account API gives "created": "1970-01-01T00:00:00". We will later add a rule that will just compare the fork time with the current time. All newly created accounts on Blurt will have a normal age.

ecosynthesizer info table.png

The metadata, account info, and mana bar tables contain general and various information about the account.

ecosynthesizer meta account mana.png

The authority tables show the different dapps that can access the key(s), or if an account is using multi-sig. The witness votes show if the account is using a proxy or voting for a set of witnesses. The witness table will only show up if the account is a witness and will mainly contain technical information about the witness.

ecosynthesizer witness authori.png

The Block Page

The block page contains the block information, the list of transaction(s) ID, the actual transaction(s), in addition to virtual operation(s).

ecosynthesizer block page.png

The Transaction Page

The transaction page show information about the transaction such as the nature of the transaction, the block, the initiator, and so forth.

ecosynthesizer transaction page.png

The Proposals Page

ecosynthesizer proposals page.png

The Nodes Page

The page contains a list of available RPC nodes and two public APIs.

ecosynthesizer APIs.png

The Post Page

The post page is as simple as it gets, it contains the property of the post, rewards, beneficiaries ... and we also added the comments below the post.

ecosynthesizer post.png

The Witnesses Page

ecosynthesizer witness page.png

  • Some of the definitions above were taken directly from the initial announcement.
  • You can send a message to Victor Frankenstein#5175 on Discord If you have suggestions or want to report bugs.

If you would like to support us in our journey, consider voting for our main witness @symbionts.

Thank you all and see you next time,

The Symbionts Team,

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This is pure class, Blurt needs more independent initiatives like this. Thanks for running with this and presenting our community with such a wonderful block explorer alternative. The filter feature is going to be really handy, thanks for highlighting it in the post.

Thanks a lot to the team of Symbionts for providing this wonderful service. As it is a basic need of blurt to compete the world of blockchain and social . I am very happy to see this wonderful serice provided by your team. It will reall helpful to watch any accounts statistics.

Oh lala! What an interesting project, allow me to offer you the best of welcomes and my congratulations for this publication where, in addition to being very pleasing to the eye, it has promising content which becomes a great contribution.
We hope you continue to enjoy and share your progress on Blurt and grow with us.
On Blurt's official discord, you can switch and meet the community, as well as ask any questions, we are all there to collaborate.
Welcome to the blurt family.
Good vibes.

I am voting your witness in a long term.

BLURT needs more brilliant people like this!

Good news! Just voted for our Witness and updated the Useful Blurt links post. Thanks a lot for your great work.


Let's set up a time to talk, so that you guys are fully supported throughout the ecosystem and have every piece of information that you need for full success.

I'm honored that you've chosen to work on Blurt.

Awesome news. Welcome to Blurt. 🚀 🌙

Hi,Symbionts team fantastic work on the blurt blockchain,I am glad to hear that you have started a tremendous service. I hope you continue your work This work will help to all members of blurt,I don't have words to thank you,bundle of thanks.
This is not so easy You and your team have to work day and night.This is a huge achievement for us and for you too.

Regards by