Money People Owe Me & Money I May Owe People

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Who do I owe money and stuff to, hypothetically and agreed upon? Who owes me money and stuff both hypothetically and theoretically?

Let's tackle those four questions.

This debt topic is more about keeping your promise than it is about the money itself. That is a major concern. I care about money and many things. Money is a tool. Money has value. I can talk all day about money. But this main topic about money is not just about or primarily about money. It's not about the money. Let's talk about these four main questions.



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Money People Owe Me & Money I May Owe People
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But before tackling these four questions, let me state for the record that there may be other questions. But these are four main questions. This is designed to be a rough draft outline of the debt topic at hand as it relates to my life. I wanted to talk about people I owe and people who may owe me. Some people may hate me for talking about this. I can talk all day about whether or not I should be writing this. I can say many things regarding why you should and should not be doing this. If you were me, would you make videos about this? Good question. We do not really have time to answer that question at the moment. Let's get back to the four main questions at hand.

First, who did, do, am, and will I ever owe money or anything else to hypothetically? Well, great question. The keyword here is hypothetically. We can talk all day about this because if you accidentally made me smile, then you gave me a service. So, perhaps I owe you for that service. That is an example of a hypothetical. Do we owe our parents? Do we owe society? Do we owe black people? How much money does loves cost? How much value do we place on air? How much money do we owe for the stars? When somebody does something good for us, do we owe them and how much money? We can talk all day about this. I can give you billions of examples. Wait, no, millions of examples. Austin Power example. Dr. Evil said something like this. We will skip the hypothetical questions as much as possible.

Second, how much did I agree to pay back? I took out only one student loan in my life in 2006 when I was attending ABC in West Virginia. That was my second college. It was with AES. I borrow $3,500 USD. I was paying back some of it. I ended up defaulting around like 2010. There were times I was getting unemployment benefits and food stamps. I was paying back the loan when I could at times on and off for years. I was able to put it on pause for a year when I was in Hawaii. It's called a deferment. At other times, I was denied deferment. I would try to pay the minimum each month which was around $50. Some of that went to the interest of the loan. So, that means the longer you spend paying back a load then the more money you have to spend paying it back. I've heard rumors that some loans might be forgiven or forgotten about if the total is less than $10K. Perhaps some loan agencies may choose not to hunt you down. In some cases, it may cost more money trying to get the students to pay back the money then the actual debt itself. I borrowed the money from AES. Maybe they are still waiting for me to pay it back. Maybe they are collecting interest and will hunt me down after the interest puts my loan up to over $10K or some crazy big number. Maybe my debt was forgiven. I forget what the legal words may be for loan forgiveness or what have you.

Outside of that, I don't really think I've agreed to paying back any money or anything else via any legal contracts on actual papers and everything apart from what I said about Trump. So, what about that? Well, if I were to make a YouTube video, I would not be allowed to talk about that. YouTube will take down your video for talking about that. So, we can't talk about that.

People can say I owe them money or what have you. I may not always know what people think if they don't tell me. So, people need to crawl up from under their rocks to tell me what I owe them. But I am more concern with what I promised to pay back. We are not going to dive too deeply into how much people think I owe them and others. We don't have time to talk about that. I'm not saying I do and/or don't owe people. We can talk all day about what I mean by that. But we don't have time to break all that down. But at the same time, I try not to make too many promises. I believe I don't currently owe anybody anything. I could be wrong and stuff about that. Seriously, I could be wrong about that and it depends. We could debate it all day until the cows come home. But I feel like I didn't make any promises to pay anybody back. Well, sometimes I may say I might try to do something. But that is not the same as promising it will happen. I try to say I might someday make a video about or a video about that. I might say I plan to write an article about this or that. But that is not a promise. I don't owe that to anybody.

There are differences between promises and plans.

We don't have time to talk about that.

The third question would be how much do people owe me hypothetically. If I made a video that made you laugh, then does that mean you owe me money? If true, then click on my support link and find out how you can support me.

The fourth question is how many people promised to pay me back money. We will start with somebody who does not owe me money.

Briana Murray does not actually owe me around $1,000. I gave her the money. She said she would pay it back. Well, I quickly said don't worry about it. But years later, I asked if she was serious about that. I meant it in a hypothetical way. I only wanted her to say she had a desire to pay me back. I said no. So there was no need to pay me back. When I asked her about it, I was not actually asking for money. I was just curious. It was hypothetical question. All she had to say was she was interested in paying it back. That's it. But I never got a direct answer. Most people would think I'm actually asking for money in this kind of context. But I'm not. People may hate me or what have you for mentioning her. In return, people can say I owe them too because of this thing or that thing. We can talk all day about so many things. I am trying to say many things when mentioning this one story. I don't have time right now to explain why I included this one. For the record, she does not actually owe me money. She should have said she wanted to pay me back and that she will not. And it was not a loan. That is why the question was hypothetical. I gave her the money. So, there is no need to pay it back because it was not a loan. I only wanted her to interact with a hypothetical exercise.

So, technically, she does not count.

Vietnamese Mr. Bean owes me $200 or maybe less. I forget.

Kathy Stole My Bike owes me around $200 or she says she paid it back via buying me Vietnamese Language Lessons.

David Shepperd borrow one or two thousand dollars. I would be pleased if he were to tell me, "I will not pay it back." But instead, I would get him saying he would. He said it a few times. Later on, I tried asking him and he stopped responding. Again, this is not just about the money.

Matt Smith owes me over $10,000 as of like 2012. The interest for all the loans he took out from me added up to over $10K. That was over ten years ago. Who know how much it would be today in 2022.

And that is all I can think of regarding people who said they would return money back to me. And this article may not include ongoing matters that may be being dealt with as we speak. This is just a rough draft outline article.

Perhaps there are more people who owe me or who I may owe. We can talk forever about this stuff.

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