Raw vegan courgette and coconut cream ‘pasta’

in vegan •  8 days ago 

I made this really quick lunch up for a friend and I who is trying to get more healthy. It’s super easy and quick to make.

I just peeled two courgettes then continued to peel them so I had thin tagliatelle style strips. I put a little olive oil, lemon juice and salt on, mixed it in and left it to sit whilst I made the sauce. This makes the courgettes go soft and more like ‘pasta’ texture.

I made the sauce with half a carton of coconut cream melted over the lowest heat just sonit was creamy again, then I threw in some turmeric, chilli flakes, cumin, garlic and ginger powders. I garnished with fresh Himalayan salt, pink peppercorns and basil.

I poured the sauce over the pasta and voila! A quick healthy raw vegan lunch




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Looks and sounds amazeballs. Will try this come spring/summer