Kindly Participate In The (Ulog) Contest, 'Who Are You?'. Every Participant Wins Something!

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Let's introduce the art of ulogging on Blurt, using this simple contest called 'Who Are You?".

What Is Ulog?

A ulog is a form of content spanning across any topic or niche, that is created 'fresh' at every instance (i.e without resourcing from that internet), composed entirely of ‘excerpts of U’.

e.g when creating a ulog about 'cryptocurrency', each excerpt of your ulog, whether 'meme, image, photograph, gif, text etc', should have been created 'fresh', by YOU, without resourcing from the internet, born solely out of events, experiences, feelings, sentiments, moments derived from a particular day.

The art of creating ulogs is called 'ulogging'. 

Underlyingly, the art of ulogging is based on 'mining the human'. The letter 'u' seen in the word 'ulog', is synonymous to 'you'. A ulog created today should not have existed anywhere on the internet yesterday.  

Here is some background!

How To Ulog On Blurt?

To ulog on Blurt, simple create your ulog and publish it on '#ulog' (i.e use #ulog as a primary tag). 

If your ulog is about 'chemistry' for instance, you can also make use of a 'ulog-subtag' (e.g #ulog-chemistry) as your second tag. This is sufficient! 

Always make sure you have '#ulog' as your primary tag (for 'ulogs' only), so that we can find it.

Where possible, add 'ULOG' somewhere in your title. This will help your ulogs rank in the search-engines for words like 'ulog'.

Did You Know?

'#ulog' has been used by more than '5500 humans'. If you have questions about Ulogs, ask here!

Who Are You? (Contest Parameters)

This is a ulog-contest, so we aren't exactly looking for 'perfection' or 'quality', we are looking for 'U', an 'evolving version of U', and well, that translates into 'quality'.

In this ulog-contest, every participant wins some rewards. We have @blurtulogs to help with curation. It has a delegation of '1 million BP'. 

Our primary reward within this contest however, is 'real human growth'. Thus, you are your 'primary audience' this time. 

As you ulog about "Who You Are!", your primary aim is to 'mine your human'. Within this simple-looking 'Who You Are' contest, you can further tap into your shine, your identity, your spirit, your human.

  • Create a ulog, telling us 'who you are'! In your title, please insert the word 'ULOG' somewhere e.g 'ULOG - I am surpassinggoogle.'
Please think and tap into yourself a bit more, when you write. You can talk of dreams too, bucket-lists, wishes, sadness, happiness, the 'YOU' inside YOU etc. You can talk about Blurt too and its impact on who you are or on who you have become. (Flaws are allowed! Relegate reservations! Exercise all freedom!)
Your ulog entry can contain an image, this image can be 'a picture, a drawing, a painting, a sketch, a graphic-design, a meme etc'. However, you need to create this image fresh for your ulog. This image should not exist anywhere online. You shouldn't resource your image from Pixabay either.
Your ulog entry can also be a video. 
In your ulog, you can be a private or public figure.
  • Post your ulog-entries to '#ulog' and a copy of it in the comments below. (All languages accepted!)
  • Every participant wins something. (Kindly share this contest far and wide!)

Final Note.

Just think about "Who You Are"; then write and if you have to draw it, draw it, however caricature! If you need to sing it, you are allowed to sing off-key. This time, we are seeking the 'U' in your content. We want to celebrate that.

You are celebrity, we are your 'true fans'.

Your Boy Terry, whether bulls or bears.


If you have an extra witness vote and you vote the 'surpassinggoogle', i will value it. You can vote here. (It is ranked 19)
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Hello, I just came across this post today and I thought..nice idea, well let's give it a try.

have a good day!!

Hi @blurtulogs

Glad to see ulogs concept being implemented on Blurt, here's the entry from me:

PS: It's a bilingual post, hope you don't mind :)

  ·  2 years ago (edited)

Hahaha it was beautiful. Yes, all languages basically. I would like for ulogs to be known globally as a form of content among other things.

I have something you can read that will help you understand the scope of 'ulogs' better. Kindly read it here: '' You can drop me some feedback too about the project, even in a post or video.
If you have an extra slot and you would like to vote for a witness, kindly consider voting 'surpassinggoogle'.

Good day! Here's my entry for this contest. Thank you so much for your initiative Stay safe always!

  ·  2 years ago (edited)

All very beautiful, the post. I wonder how pictures come out so beautiful. I have never succeed in taking good pictures and i would think it is the camera but it is not. I got good camera and same issue. All you shared in your ulog was beautiful. i was in Baguio once, in a school to talk about Steem but i was there for only a day. Got there in the morning and returned to Manila in the night.

Side note:
I have written a provisional colorlesspaper for 'cryptoulogs' and i would like you to read it. It is 65 mins read and you can find it here:
Please be invested in reading it, as i would like you to consider providing me with feedback in a video. This require some self-sacrifice on your part, towards me.
Particularly, i will like your feedback on the 'tokenomics' among other things. As especially, i would like you to ask as many questions as possible about the project, which i will answer you in turn, in a response video.
I would appreciate a video response primarily, that i may better peer into your insight.
I say 'timely favor' because among other things, i am very ill and i take care of my dad (24/7) who is ill. I treasure this project as it is valuable in the scheme of my affairs, leading up to my 'primary projects', which i will need to recover in health to undertake.
I will value your feedback ginormously and i won't forget it. I will look to help you in return.
Assuming you are public figure, you can do a video that doesn't show your face. If 'audio' isn't an option, you can write a publication and send me the link.
To provide me with a copy of the video, you can send it via google-drive to '[email protected]'. I will be adding your video to a compilation of videos, combining my response to it. When published, you can find it on UloggersTV (
In your participation, 'timeliness' is of most pertinence. Incase, you don't understand portions of the post, perhaps because of my 'ulogging' approach to writing it, kindly ask as many questions as you have, which i will answer in a return-video.
Your boy Terry
You can also send this memo to others, who you think can participate.

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Thank for this invite. And yes i have voted for you. Am going to be submitting my entry now. You should watch out😉

I am a photographer and i am sharing my photography everyday in Blurt.Can i use #ulog in my photography post ??

So here is my entry for Who You Are.

This is a great idea, I had seen that some people in hive publish their ulog, but I had no idea how beautiful this opportunity is, I like it because it has a similarity to me in that it gives freedom and freshness to human sensitivity, I will prepare my entry to participate and learn a little more about this world.
How many new things I am learning about on Blurt seems great to me, thanks for the invitation, and I will also extend it to other users on the Spanish channel.
Good vibes.

Yes please and thank you. Please tell the others, many from Venezuela are familiar with it. Plus yes, it helps you 'mine or evolve your human' and shine. Plus every participant in the contest wins something. Expecting your entry and your ulogs when you want to ulog.

Don't forget to vote the 'surpassinggoogle' witness too. You can vote here. It is ranked 21

i am glad to see this platform on blurt. i have known about ulog some time ago, and i am now studying about it.

Thank you. Don't forget to vote for my witness too, if you haven't.

ok dear. my bp is low , that is why i don,t upvote any but from now i will throw upvote regularly, you are too kind

You are whale to me. BP size doesn't matter. How i meant though is a witness vote. This is different from a post vote. You can vote for 'surpassinggoogle' witness here. It is in #21.

Also expecting your participation in the contest.

Oh shit! Basically I am new on blurt. Many terms about whose i am unknown. Don't mind please.

Thanks for the invite. This is definitely something that every Blurtters should participate in.

I like the guide on how to Ulog. I will participate for sure. Cheers

Thank you very much. I am working on a side-project. It is still in draft format. I wonder if you can read that separately. Perhaps, you can give some feedback, since i am still evolving it. Also, its tokenomics, distribution and all that. Incase you have time for a lengthy read. It is still in draft format, so i haven't summarized it yet or edited it:

Nice to see Ulogs here. Will join that one tomorrow.

Thank you. Others as well.