#17 The Useless Tip of the Day

in trivia •  6 months ago 

...We Hellenes say the phrase "the useless tip of the day " when we try to describe something that is useful in some way to know but is irrelevant in the current situation which makes it kinda useless....

Most Usable.jpg
original drawing by @funnel.. all rights reserved..

all of us love swimming
i don't think there are many of us who doesn't like the water
2/3 of earth is covered by oceans


there are 20 MILLION TONS of GOLD in the oceans but we cannot get at it with the current technology


just try to draw the picture...20 MILLION TONS
it is too much
we are not talking about 1 TON which is 1000 kilos...no no....we are talking about 20.000.000 tons of gold swimming out there

next time you go for a swim keep this information in mind
most probably you'll look at the sea from a different perspective

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