Blurt Travel : Old Walt and Mazinaw Pictographs at Bon Echo Provincial Park, Ontario Canada 🇨🇦 … get paid in Blurt for watching my videos and leaving a comment below.

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Here is a short film from our road trip to find the ancient Algonquin Pictographs on Mazinaw Lake rock at Bon Eco Provincial Park… this is only 2 hours from us and I can’t believe this is the 1st time we ever visited this place.

I made 2 versions with different music … very different vibes from each.

Let me know which one you like better.

Maybe classical music ?

One of the Pictographs that looks like a satellite 🛰 or maybe a UFO ?


This is the Walt Whitman inscription chiseled into the rock ….




Special thanks to Bitcoin, Blurt, Volkswagen and Perception kayaks.

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Beautiful videos... My favorite is the second one, the one with the piece of music played on the piano. Thanks for sharing

Thank you very much for watching them. It’s not easy to find the right music for each video…. Takes hours and hours of looking through the Copyright Free Music Library on YouTube and

So much beautiful places! Really beautiful I wish I could have it.
Seems like the kayaks are great purchase 👍
You are great father too ❤️

Thanks … yes I have been kayaking for over 20 years now. My 4 kayaks are probably my best investment ever… so many great adventures with my family. My Dad, and bothers and sister also bought kayaks and we all Kayak all spring summer and fall… autumn kayaking is the best since the fall colours on the lakes are incredible.. and no mosquitoes…

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