Memories in Bahay na Bato (Stone Art Gallery in La Union)

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It was five years ago when I attended a one-week class in San Fernando City, La Union. After the class, we are toured by our friends in Luna, a coastal town in the province, and to this tourist landmark. It is a stone art gallery, which I'm not sure if it is still open for the public. Few years ago, it was reported in regional news TV that it will close down for tourists. Bahay na Bato is privately owned, and it's initially a rest house by the owner. It was eventually opened for tourists.

Entrance fee is pretty cheap at Php20, and you will get a stamp mark in your arms before you enter. That Php20 price was 5 years ago, and I have no idea if there's a fee hike.


Welcome to Bahay na Bato!

The place is like a forest being surrounded by plants and trees, but it is very close to the shores of Luna town. Here you will notice texts in Hangul. Wondering if the owners came from South Korea or fans of K-Drama or K-Pop. There are a lot of visitors at that time, and we're divided into groups.


Have a look at some of the carved stone arts below:






This one reminds me of some figures which scared me during childhood.

I actually found some of those carved stones scary. Imagine some stones with faces, and they're either smiling or laughing at you! That's what I felt seeing these stones personally. 😂

Still, I admire those artists who carved those stones. It's not an easy job, and it takes passion and effort to create them.


There are those pots in these corner. Wondering what are those for. The tour guide didn't take us there.


Of course, there's a souvenir shop where you can buy anything you want to gift your family or friends. I don't have enough money so I just bought water and food because I'm extremely hungry and thirsty. It's too hot at that time, I'm quite tired because I delivered a discourse in sign language.

At the back of the house. It's time to rest because of the fresh air coming from the sea. I am supposed to share more photos from this area, but I accidentally deleted them. I think this is a perfect spot for prenuptial pictorials. If only this place is close to our town, then we had considered it for the pictorial. Our tour has stopped here, and after Bahay na Bato, we went to the beach where we had our lunch.


I'm not feeling well at that time, but the breeze from the beach helped. We went home around 3pm, and it's been a long trip. We waited for the bus ride around 20 minutes from Bacnotan to Agoo, where we waited for another bus ride to Dagupan City. If ever I'll go back to Bahay na Bato, I'd rather rent a van because the cost isn't far from commuting.

Bahay na Bato is located at the town of Luna in La Union. Perhaps Ate @Bloghound is familiar of this place 😁.

Luna town is worth visiting, but you don't have to settle for Bahay na Bato alone. There's a beach nearby for swimming, or visit the town of San Juan, which isn't too far from Luna. Before coming for a visit, it's better to check their Facebook page if they're already open for tourists. The pandemic has affected us all, caution is still needed when going out for a tour.

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