From Everything Else...

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What if you’re willing to trust the unknown
And you’re willing to give what is in everything,
Nothing escapes you from everything else,
Only if you’re willing and able to surrender.

If only I can explain all the desires I have,
If only temptations were normal and easy to escape,
Or maybe I can be just everything else,
That keeps me wondering all night long.

She makes me feel like I’m normal,
She makes me feel like life can be so much more,
But I will give up on everything just try,
I couldn’t be someone else and beyond.

Everything else
Trying what’s beyond
Able to surrender
Feels normal
Not easy to escape


Here is Tikatarot, who dares you to answer the question, “Who am I?”..

As and will always be reminding you to dream:

“As you are still the Master of your own destiny and the maker of your own dreams…”

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