Fairy tale of Sheriff Tiraspol

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Who have a big interest in European club football, he must have to say that UEFA Champions League is the most competitive, exciting and enjoyable tournament in Europe for club football. The top football teams of different European country league are nominated to join in the UEFA Champions League in the following year. So it is very clear that a team have to do best in the respective country league in previous year to join the UCL. As a result, we see only the best team of Europe in UCL competition. So when we see a team under reputation, it make us curious about that club.

The same thing has happened when we saw the club named Sheriff Tiraspol. Basically I heard the name of the club for the first time when they played their first match against Shakter Donesk. It is not a reputed club in Europe. They even come from a country which are not well known for football. It is a Moldovian football club. Sheriff Tiraspol has a big contradiction for their land also. So it is almost unbelievable to qualify in UCL competition from there. But they made it real.

While there qualification for UCL may be unbelievable to many of us, then if they defeated the most successful team of UCL, It becomes more unbelievable. It was just staggering that Tiraspol defeated Real Madrid, the most successful team in UCL, for the first time they faced one another. They even defeated Shakter Donesk before they defeated Real Madrid. Can you imagine what a time it is for them!!!! Staggering! Just staggering!

But they lost the third game against Inter Milan though they have a big chance yet to go in the next round. If that really happens, it will be an epic era for the club an also for the UCL competition.

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