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The the group stage's matches of ICC Men's World Cup 2021 have been started today. And there held two matches today. In the first match Australia played against South Africa. And in the second match England played against West Indies. Australia defeated South Africa by five wickets, England defeated West Indies by six wickets.

These two matches were not as a typical t20 match. Moreover the four teams played in that two sepedate matches are very well known for t20 cricket. So the spectators and supporters wanted to see the flood of run. But all of their hope lost in vain. Both the two matches were very boring. I am very bored to see such slow pitch in t20 tournament.

In the first match of the day, South Africa batted first and became able to collect only 118 run by 9 wickets playing full twenty overs. What a slow innings it is! And Australia’s innings was also too slow. They chased this run by 5 wickets after playing 19.4 overs. That was like a one day cricket match.

In the second match, West Indies, the most popular team for t20 cricket, became all out after collecting only 55 runs by playing 14.2 overs. I was very disappointed to see such innings from West Indies in t20 cricket. And England even lost their four wickets to chase this small target. What a ridiculous matchs these are! All the supporters and spectators were very disappointed. I was basically more disappointed to see West Indies playing just like a damn team. They are most successful teams in t20 World Cup tournament. None expected such matches from them.

We want rest of the matches be typical t20 match so that we can enjoy it at our best. We love cricket and want every cricket match give us thrill. Best wishes to all of the participant teams. Thanks.

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