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what am i doing wrong??
it is a question i have heard so many times since Splinterlands went viral and we had this avalanche of newcomers in Splinter-world
so here i am trying to answer this question through this post, and believe me YOU (newbies) inspired me to make a post after shooting me so many times with this so very common question

??what am i doing wrong and i can't make what you make out of the game??


i really don't want to make a long post and get you bored but before trying to explain what you do wrong it is essential to understand that we have different kind of users in Splinterlands
i have spoken about it in older posts but let me quickly refer to this different types of users

  • first we have gamers, all of these users who are getting thrilled out of the game experience
  • secondly there are the collectors, users who are interested in collecting the NFTs for their reasons
  • thirdly we have traders, users who are willing to trade the NFTs and they see nothing but money, for them the monster-cards are a product to trade and that's all

out of my experience these are the 3 major categories
it doesn't mean that a trader cannot be a collector, or a gamer cannot be a trader and a collector at the same time, but if you wanna divide the Splinter-world into categories i believe that most of us fall under the above one way or the other


now what am i???
well i consider myself firstly a collector, i got involved in the game because i like collecting cards
after some time i got involved in playing the game and i was really surprised by the rush and the joy i was getting out of it, so i became a gamer as well
if you see me playing the game you will definitely start laughing with me and my reactions but this means that i enjoy playing
the thing that i definitely think i am not, is a trader....i'm a lousy trader, totally disappointment
every time i tried to trade cards i ended up losing money so i said to myself 'forget about trading you are not made for this'

so having said that lets come to your hot question
'what are you doing wrong in Splinterlands'


my dear newbies, even your question is wrong
what are you doing wrong?
let me tell you what you doing wrong...
yes you do everything wrong! i don't wanna be the smart guy in the room, neither be hard on you but all the guys who are asking this question are doing everything wrong from their very start in Splinterlands

you have to understand something
the first thing you must make clear with you is what kind of a user you are!

if you have not decided what you are, if you don't understand why you got involved with the game, you will never find out what is going wrong
i see that many of you are focusing on 'what can i make out of the game'
guys! guys! lets try to relax here
Splinterlands is not a job....is that clear?....SPLINTERLANDS IS NOT A JOB
Splinterlands is a game.... a game which cause is to make you spend some time enjoying yourself
the thing that you can make something out of it, is a bonus!...yes the cryptos you can make out of playing Splinterlands is a bonus and not its purpose!
so if you came in Splinterlands in order to play there is no reason to troubling your head with questions like why i'm not making money!!
you dont make money cause Splinterlands is not a money machine, it is a game
so you'd rather ask yourself if you are enjoying the game and not why you are not making money

and by the way....you just bought the Spellbook for 10$ and you wanna be millionaires by investing 10$ ?????
come on guys...gimme a break here!...are you really serious with that?
you spent 10$ and you wanna make money???
this makes no sense at all
you have the opportunity with only 10$ to get on board in a great game with a VAST community, which is growing every day, and have fun and you ask for more?
just point me out another game which offers you the same chance ....with zero fees on transactions...

and the truth is that with only 10$ you can still make something back in your wallets and this is the superiority of Splinterlands


on the other hand of course you can make money out of Splinterlands
but this is a whole different approach
first of all you don't have a gamers spirit....you are not here to play but you are here to earn
so in order to earn you must invest
in my whole life experience i never found 'earning' without first 'investing'
please don't consider 10$ as an investment
put on the the table $500, $1000, $2000 and lets do some business
do you get me?....if you wanna speak 'finance', then 'finance' you must act
and this is serious, it's not a game
it's not a game cause there is always the risk of losing money
if you have the stomach to go for it ...then go for it
just please stop whining why you dont make money out of Splinterlands with this $10 pennies you put on the game to buy the Spellbook
you cannot make money with $10....you can play the game, yes
and you will make in return incredibly more cryptos than any other blockchain game
but you cannot be a millionaire


i hope i'm straight forward with this and i made myself clear
i really hope you got the message and i am apologizing if my tone was a bit rude but i really am tired of these questions and especially of this kind of cheap mentality

Get on board by clicking this link it is never too late to start playing


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