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i really like this kind of challenges when we have freedom to choose what we like the best
this week's challenge gives us the opportunity to write about any dragon we like and i'll grab the chance to write about a battle i had using Delwyn DragonScale as a Summoner
my opponent had a much stronger deck but he didn't know how to use it


it is important in Splinterlands to get the most power out of your monsters
it doesn't mean that an upgraded monster can be always a winner
you have to place it in the correct position and to send it to battle with other fellow monsters that can cooperate with
everything must follow a sequence
if this is not the case then you probably will lose the fight

in the battle below you can see that my deck lvl 1 had to deal with a deck lvl 6
at the beginning of the fight i thought it was a meaningless fight for me, i thought i could never win this but after the first hits i understood that my opponent was going to get his a$$ kicked

of course the Summoner was crucial as every time
Delwyn was my pick lets see his stats to get an idea about him



you can click on the following link to see my battle where i used Delwyn Dragonscale
..Delwyn's Dragonscale..


the rules of the battle were clear.... keep your distance... no melee attack monster were allowed and you could pick only between two Splinter
fire Splinter and the dragons

instantly without second thoughts i decided i was going with the dragons and Delwyn
for me there was no point at all to get another Summoner
maybe someone could consider Selenia cause she could give a nice +1 boost to all range attack monsters but as i was determined that i would go magic attack i needed Delwyn to get his +1 boost on magic attacks

let me share something with you....i was about to buy a gold foil Delwyn at $17 but i missed that chance...go check his price now!...
and let me tell you ,you cannot play this game without a Delwyn, it is an important card and you need him
of course if you cannot buy him ,you can always rent him from the market

delwyn 180.jpg

this is another card which is been delegated to me from @koskl

right now Delwyn is very expensive
$220 the cheapest gold foil one and i can't see how the price of him can drop

i lost my chance to purchase one when he was considerably cheaper at $17
anyway let's forget about it and move forward


the tactics behind the battle was not something extraordinary
i had 50 mana points to use , Delwyn consumed 5 of them so i had 45 points for my monsters
i needed a massive tank to hold the front line and then support magic attack monsters to destroy my rival's defense

another move of tactics i made was to pick two 'life leech' monsters at the back of my lines in order to get some more strength in life if it was needed and at the last place of the battlefield i placed Efreet , a monster with 'last stand' ability hoping my opponent wouldn't get an assassin
as you understand Efreet becomes powerful if he stands last, so in case there was a rival assassin i wouldn't be able to exploit Efreet's ability cause most probably i would have lost him early

now let me introduce you my team

in first place as i said i needed a massive tank, there was no better pick than Caladuum, massive magic attack tank, my summoner was giving him a buff in his attack so Caladuum became more lethal
as you understand i chose the Fire Splinter to make company to my Dragons

in second position i chose my Gold Dragon, you can consider this monster as a tank as well, cause it has a nice level of life plus the healing ability from lvl 2 makes it very difficult to fall

in third place i picked my Diamond Dragon, i was hoping i won't face too many magic attack rivals ( i was wrong ) cause Diamond Dragon has a great armor of 10 points but low life , so against a magic attack opponent this creature is not so strong
i actually picked him cause he has the slow down ability ,so i wanted to reduce my opponent's agility and become faster than him which i actually succeeded but was not the factor that gave me the victory

in fourth place my Black Dragon, this is where i started strengthen my team, a life leech monster Black Dragon is a very important support monster, not only he has a decent attack but furthermore with every hit he gains some life back making him stronger

in fifth place Zarlan Efreet another fire Splinter monster with life leech ability same as Black Dragon, i picked exactly for the same reason i picked my previous Dragon and i was not wrong

in the last place of my field i placed Efreet Elder who has the last stand ability just in case everything was going wrong and i wanted some power for a truly last stand and effort to win the battle, i didn't get not even close to a situation like this though

  • Caladuum lvl 1
  • Gold Dragon lvl 2
  • Diamond Dragon lvl 1
  • Black Dragon lvl 1
  • Zarlan Efreet lvl 1
  • Efreet Elder lvl 1

z.jpg | diamonddragon130.jpg | balck dragon 130.jpg | zarlan130.jpg | efreet130.jpg



i must admit that when i saw my rivals monsters i was intimidated, i thought i have no chance against a lvl 6 deck
but after i saw that the Summoner pick of my opponent was wrong i was sure i will win
Caladuum's void ability helped a lot for sure and the battle was over in second round

i won 33 DEC and i was ready to face my next opponent

Get on board by clicking this link it is never too late to start playing


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