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it's been some time since i wanted to write about the new Reward Legendary cards
i'm talking about the Chaos series Reward cards of course
some days ago these 3 new Legendary cards were released and everyone is talking about them, when i say everyone i mean those involved in the game but some outsiders as well


3 Legendary monsters with perfect art , congratulations to the artist for this result
i literally have no words about the drawings, the movement of the monsters, their looks!
imo the best NFTs in the game till this day

but the most important is not what they look like
the most important is what they can do and what they are about to change in our gameplay!!!
so lets try dive into their world and see some details about them

  • first of all, my favorite Djinn Biljka, an Earth Splinter Elder
    Biljka has the camouflage ability from lvl 1, and this is what interests us
    i play a bronze lvl deck so what i care about most is the abilities of the first lvls in any card
    Biljka cannot get any hits till he gets in the first position!!!!
    isn't that great?...
    if you manage to combine him with the Dragon Summoner Delwyn you'll get very nice results as he will get buffed with +1 in his magic attack
    he will consume only 3 mana points so he is perfect in low mana battles
    very nice and powerful monster-card ,i bought him for 2900 DEC, by the time writing this post he is traded for 1500 DEC so you might want to grab the chance to get one

  • second in line Harklaw
    a Death Splinter melee attack monster, he is very very strong
    a true tank, a powerful tank with the shield ability from lvl 1
    the problem with Harklaw is that he needs a lot of mana in order to be used, actually 8 mana points so my advice is not to use him in low mana battles
    i think he will perform better in battles above 30 mana cap
    if you manage to upgrade him to lvl 2 he gets immunity, a very serious attribute
    we are talking about a whole different monster at lvl 2,a different card but it needs to combine 3 cards and i'm not sure everyone can do that
    don't forget i'm addressing low budget players!

no matter what Harklaw is a must card, you must have this card
as far as it concerns me i bought Harklaw for 3500 DEC, i was anticipating to get him in my collection so i paid a bit much as if you check on him right now you can find him for 1300 DEC
yes i did paid a lot but i really don't care, the most important for me is that i acquired the card and enjoyed playing with him!!

  • last in the queue is Djinn Oshannus!!!!
    there are no words to describe this legendary,no words at all
    what a card guys!!! what a monster
    a beautiful NFT, the art is incredible!
    a Water Splinter magic attack tank
    10 points of life with the void ability from lvl 1 make Oshannus really badass and a difficult opponent for magic attack rivals
    he is extremely fast, his 5 points of speed also give him advantage against melee and range opponents as they can easily miss their attacks
    he consumes a lot of mana, so be smart and use him in high mana cap battles, above 30 points

did i buy this card? yes i did bought him,but this time i think i made a good deal as i paid 3450 DEC, he is the most expensive from all three legendary cards so i consider the price fair enough, by the time writing this post it is traded for 3380 DEC so if you are interested in the card you can get it at a nice price imo

ogreblur1BOH markliquifyrewardLEGENDARYLIQUIFYcopyright.jpg

three legendary cards which prove their legends!
i tried to 'play' with them and i managed to create the above collage
i think i can make a post in the Splinterlands art challenge as i did my best to modify their colors and appearance and i believe with the new layers and process the cards look even more legendary!!!
what do you think?!!

Get on board by clicking this link it is never too late to start playing


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