After Last Season of Splinterlands - Diamond I - One of The Most Difficult Season

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Due to increasing the number of investors and gamers, Splinterlands is getting harder to league up. I completed this season in Diamond I but I havent openede daily rewards in Diamond I. I did league up in last minutes of season...

It was one of the most difficult season of Splinterlands. Battle win rewards is better in this season. So Ever battle was important for me..
I completed the season for 140th in Diamond I League! I was not my target but I was better than last season.

After last season I had 60 reward cards. These are the cards. I got Gold and Epic Cards!

Here is my rewards after last season.


160 DEC
2 Legendary Card
1 Goldfoil Card
0 Epic Card
6 Rare Card
9 Alchemy Potion
11 Legendary Potion
Cards Total Value: $ 60.791
Cards Burn Value: 1,445 DEC

Ekran Resmi 20211015 23.37.40.png

Ekran Resmi 20211015 23.37.53.png

Ekran Resmi 20211015 23.37.59.png

New Strategy:

I need to power up this card and include my team. If I had this card, I would complete this season higher. I will pick up!

Ekran Resmi 20211015 23.42.15.png

Hope better season!

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it looks amazing for me. Hey friend , i started playing Splinterlands last month only , can you suggest me some cards that i should buy from the market for a decent start.
thank you

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