The dynamic function of the subconscious mind

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A psychologist friend of mine once told me that cancer cells were found in the biopsy of an important part of her body. The doctor advised painful and dangerous treatment. Before saying 'yes' to this, my friend tried another technique. Before going to bed every night, he peacefully expressed the belief that every cell, vein, vein, nerve and every organ of his body was now full, flawless and ideal. Her whole body is once again in good health.

Within a month he was fully treated. Later, a medical examination revealed that he no longer had cancer cells in his body. I was impressed by this story and curiosity arose in me. I asked my friend why he repeated his assurances every night before going to bed. He said- 'Once one becomes active in one direction, the work of the subconscious mind continues even in sleep. Therefore, before going to sleep at night, it is very important to hand over any beneficial work to the subconscious mind.

It was a very intelligent answer, because he did not mention his disease even once when thinking about health. If you stop talking about your illness or don't name it - especially before you go to bed at night, it can be very beneficial. Their lives also come from your attention and fear. The psycho-scientific friend I mentioned here, become a mental surgeon like him. Then your troubles will disappear in the same way that lifeless twigs fall from a tree.

If you keep talking about your own pains and sufferings and keep talking about them, then you increase their strength. You block the dynamic action that activates the healing energy of your subconscious mind. When all these fantasies begin to take shape by your own brain rules, that's exactly what you feared would happen. Therefore, fill your mind with the great truth of life and move forward towards the light of love.

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