3 Tips that every Content Creator should know

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Ever since I started participating in crypto projects that utilize social media as a use case, I always wonder if there's a way for anyone to be successful on their journey. It turns out that there are strategies to achieve good results that will eventually lead to the success that you wish for. Of course, it all depends on the goals that you want to achieve on a social media platform. For this post, I will share just what a user needs to achieve great goals and have a rewarding journey in the world of blockchain-based social media platforms.


Just a little disclaimer, what I'm going to share is not a reward hack that will earn you more money. Instead, I'll be sharing tips that anyone should practice to achieve good results on any social media platform. Eventually, if it's done right then the reward will follow as well.


This is something that many content creators may fail to realize. Most of the creators look into what's trending and copy+pasta it. Initially, there's nothing wrong with that. However, in the long term, the creator may not be able to maintain the momentum. The problem comes if the creator keeps jumping on different content types and loses focus along the way.

Remember, the turtle always wins the race.

Choose content that you want to pursue and stick with it. The followers and the reward will come later if you persevere enough.


When the time comes that you gain your momentum and your followers are growing then give it a boost. Put more gas to it and make it lit! Make it more engaging to your followers. Put more effort into the aspects of your content that clicked with your followers.

This is the time that you do giveaways or any other incentives that will delight your followers. Don't be surprised if your followers will grow and you will get more engagement as well.

Take note, the timing is crucial so don't lose the momentum and let it disappear. Make every moment count when your reach this point.


As you gain momentum, make every content with your best effort. Don't lose grip and maintain the quality you initially presented to your followers. That's when consistency comes to play once again.

Your succeeding content should serve as an event in your journey that will gain you a favorable result.

Make every content your masterpiece.


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