Shiba Inu token now available at Coinbase Exchange.

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After adding Shiba Inu to the Coinbase exchange, the price rose up to a 45% increase just after 12 hours of listing. The performance for the last year is +6,916,746%, yes you read it right. The trading activity is 98% buy and just 2% sell.

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There are 10K new holders of Shiba Inu tokens for the last 24 hours and expected to increase due to low investment needed to own hundreds of thousand, millions or trillions of Shiba Inu tokens. As of writing this article, the current price is only $0.00000839 this is why entrepreneurs and investors are buying for fears of missing out.

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Invest wisely. I pray that you become a millionaire with us sharing information.

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I received the $25 referral from Crypto … did you get yours too ?


I have not received it yet.

Maybe I need to invest $5,000 in Crypto coins 1st … I saw a message like that

Incredible …I have a few million of those but I think I bought them close to the previous high.