My examination will start tomorrow.

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All the educationanl Institutes of Bangladesh have been closed at march of 2020 because of Covid19 pandemic. This long period will be ever rememberable time for everyone's life. This Covid19 pandemic has greatly affected us negatively. One of the most miserable situation is for any student who couldn't go to their classrooms and had to pass their time idle at home. For so long time at home, many student has been depressed and their mental health has been so bad.

But now the Covid19 pandemic situation is better than before. A large number of people has been vaccinated already. Rate of Covid19 attacked people is decreasing day by day. That's why our government took a step to open all our educational institutions at 12 september this year. From then all the institutions are trying hard to make up the loss of this long period. They decided to take all the examinations that have been closed for this pandemic. The authority of my department also decided to take our examination of 2020 now. And from tomorrow my examination will be started.

But now I and alao my classmates are facing some mental problem. We are far away from study in this long period. Then we are very afraid now to face an examination. Though my preparation is good but I am still feeling a big pressure. I don't know how much I can cope with this pressure and do better in tomorrow's examination. But it is my fate that I must have to face it.

Please keep me in your prayer. So that I can deal it better. Perhaps, if I do better in tomorrow's examination, the rest of the examination would be good. May Allah help me in this regard.

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