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It is time to be factual and be real with yourself. The truth is that you are not putting enough effort into achieving your goals - enough of making excuses. It is not enough to start the process and stop halfway. It must be completed in order to get the best or desired result. Excuses can block all the channels that are leading to your success. These excuses are formed in your brain and they ensure that they hinder you from progressing. The point where you will see the need to do things differently in order to achieve your goals is when you get rid of all the excuses that you created for yourself and take control of the situation.

It is time to take full control and ownership of your decisions without leaving any of your decision-making to be saddled by excuses. You will never ever be able to achieve your desired goals in life if you do not move from doing the basics. Listen, you are tired of suffering setbacks and avoidable challenges in your career, relationship, marriage, finances - be intentional. You have only one choice to make and that is the fact that you have to take action and let go of every form of excuses. You must be sincere, real and true with yourself. You ain't deceiving anyone for pretending to be doing the right thing when you are not.

So many years ago, when I used to follow my father to the farm with my brothers, there are times when each of us will be allocated some piece of land to clear, or to put yam seeds/cassava sticks etc on the ridge or basically any type of work on the farm. On some occasions my father will leave us to go and attend to some other things in another part of the farm. Once we see that he has gone far we will stop working and begin to gist. Definitely our work rate will be slow. Immediately, we hear his footsteps or sounds from cutting grasses close to us, we jump up and begin to work as serious as possible. But, he knows we have not been working because we didn't cover so much ground. At this point we begin to look for different excuses which do not really hold water. To cut the long story short, we get punished for not doing the right thing even when we know what is right.

Life has its way of punishing us when we intentionally decide not to do what is right. It is better to identify your goal and take action. It may not be able to get to work (another excuse) but you just have to do it if you know you are tired of living and ordinary life and you want to become an extraordinary person. Begin by setting small goals for yourself that will lead to a bigger one. A good way to stop making excuses is to make yourself accountable. You wouldn't want to disappoint yourself, right? You'd still be at the receiving end of whatever happens to you, so why make excuses for what you can do.

The people who settle for less in life are those who do not put in extra efforts to all they do. They don't take action when they are supposed to and come up with excuses later on. They will surely find a reason to justify why they cannot take action. So bad! Take it as a point of duty to accomplish one small goal at a time. This will boost your morale and increase your hunger to achieve more and before you know it you're growing bigger as each day passes by.

Lose those excuses for crying out loud...

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