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I wanted to share this for a long time. So finally I am going to share here


My Background

So after completing my I got the role of working with full-stack as a Product engineer where I learn basic HTML/CSS and angular js. I shifted to another company and then junior engineer to senior engineer where I learned more tech stacks like mean, Jhipster with Angular 2+, and Spring Boot.

Later I moved to my current company Dehazelabs, where I started as a Junior Engineer to a Senior Engineer and now as a Lead FullStack Developer. I learned more things like python, NodeJS with more application generators, and some different things like Big Data, DevOps, Docker, AWS, Google. Lol you must be thinking about what things I do, I did a lot things in my career
So, that is why I may not be an expert in any one thing, but I know a lot of things, which I can quickly understand and hack to fix that.


So basically, Dehazelabs started as Prior to platform, we were working with the placement services providing recruitment to companies, big names in the industry.

So, coming back to it started as a platform where we do post jobs and let people create profiles using Artificial Intelligence Services.

There were many iterations to this and currently we reached a stable stage of the product, which we term as Staffbox.

Other than this we have a dedicated site where we provide a software building service for your idea to make it real. We have built Kidafterschool



So, basically, now is a place with multiple Boxes and each box is for a company.

A box can be seen as a unit, where

  • Jobs specific to a company
  • Candidates specific to a company
  • Recruiter specific to a company
  • Hiring process ( a complete process by us to evaluate candidates and filter out unfit candidates)

We provide recruitment as a service on top of this, as we have interviewers who do the technical screening. We have this more for tech jobs as of now, but we are working to add up more industries.


Well before we mention more about this, it was a nice experience I ever had building with my team as we did build this app in just 21 days, just me and my teammate.

So, Kidafterschool came from an idea of online classes based on subjects for kids during the lockdown. And before that 100+ classes were given by the CEO and founder herself
Then we dehazelabs joined the idea and started working on the platform digitally.
Kidafterschool provides a space, where kids can choose to have online classes from different subjects like music, acting, dancing, English, maths from various teachers across the world. Kids love to have the classes online and it was a successful

Other things we are doing now

We are working with Akash as a provider and also creating blogs to help people do deploy apps on Akash and solve any issues they may have.
You can check blog at

Working on a platform to get NFTdongle, which is basically a wallet in form of jewelry or a t-shirt patch that you can carry and show off to the world in a more fancy way.
You can check the site at

Other than these we are still in the research phase to build some apps with crypto. As I already shared we have experience building apps, but not with crypto yet. So maybe in the upcoming months, we shall soon join the crypto apps world.

So, this was all I wanted to share about Dehazelabs here. Hope you all may have clear info about our company now.

Thanks for reading this.

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Hey, great, you're in the programming world, so your mind must always be busy thinking. I hope the successes continue.
Good vibes

Hahah you got it right.

Thanks for sharing your background. It's nice to know you've built products from scratch - an enriching experience every dev should have.

Yeah thanks, I have built many products, but not all are live because of some reasons.
I hope to build more in future

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