Picture of beautiful rose flower in the rest house of Manohardi Upazila Khanbari

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Hello Guys is intended for visitors who love to travel. In our Manohardi Upazila, Katabaria village, a rest house has been built in the house of Mr. Dolan Khan, the worthy son of Mr. Afaz Uddin Khan. The park has been created. There are different types of beauty parks. We went there on September 26th. During the trip, we collected a lot of pictures from there which I have posted earlier. There are still many more pictures left in my mobile gallery. One of the most interesting pictures today is the pink rose, the red rose and the yellow rose. Today's post is decorated with pictures of these three species of roses.

Pink roses have blossomed in the park


More beautiful park to see yellow roses


More beautiful park to see yellow roses


The red rose has attracted the attention of the park


An exotic date palm is growing beautifully


The red rose has attracted the attention of the park


Every photo this mobile iPhone 12 Pro Max

Some theories about roses online:

As far as I know, beautiful roses came to the Indian subcontinent from Basra about five hundred years ago. The Mughal emperor Babur first brought a rose called 'Basra'. This fragrant pink rose is still known as 'Basra' in this country. It is still cultivated in some old gardens. In the tall trees of weak nature, flowers bloom in!

The stems of wild roses can be covered with ‘eye pens’ at different heights to create beautiful rose bushes called ‘Standard Rose’. To decorate the garden, it is advisable to plant tall trees at the back, then gradually lower trees.

When pollinated with ants, butterflies, bees, etc. in a favorable environment, the rose tree produces fruits and seeds. Varieties occur in seedlings produced from these seeds. This is how new varieties of roses are created. Sometimes a mutation in a rose of one color causes a different type of flower to bloom on another branch. Mutations also result in the emergence of creeper roses from shrubs. Some roses cut off some of the mature twigs and plant them in the ground, and within a few weeks the roots sprout new leaves. This method of making seedlings is called cutting or pen. Among the exotic roses, cuttings can be made from the stalks of roses like Tajmahal, Papa Meilland etc.

To produce rose seedlings on a commercial basis, many seedlings can be made by placing ‘eye pens’ on wild or wild rose trees. In this case, the lower part of the tree contains wild roses, the upper part is the main rose from the 'eye' of the selected tree. In this way, famous roses of other countries of the world are now available in Bangladesh as well. Such as Papa Meilland, Double Delight, Dutch Gold, Queen Elizabeth, Monte Zuma etc. Attempts are also being made to produce rose seedlings by tissue culture or micropropagation, but they have not yet gained much traction.

To stop here like today, we will talk in the next post and if you want to see more new things, follow.👇
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