How I made delicious surma fish curry recipe ?

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Some days ago I visited Rasulpur fish market . There I bought Surma fish from fish market .



Surma fish+ 350 grams
Potatoes +500 grams
Tumaric +2.5 spoons
Salt +2 spoons
Onion+1 piece
Green chilli +6 pieces
Garlic +1 piece
Cumin powder+ 5 grams
Gram masala powder +5 grams
Dry chilli powder +4 pieces
Bay leaves +4 pieces
Mustrad oil +40 grams
Water as needed


I removed Surma fish shells and I cut Surma fish perfectly .



I removed potatoes shells . And I had cut potatoes slicely



I washed Surma fish with fresh water . I cut onion , green chilli and garlic . I made garam masala paste.



I mixed tumaric and salt with Surma fish .



When mustrad oil is hot in pan , I fried Surma fish .


After frying Surma fish , I picked up frying fish from pan.


When mustrad oil is hot in pan ,I fried ,onion and garlic with hot mustrad oil ,

After that I admixed potatoes in pan. I fried potatoes .I mixed tumaric ,salt and green chilli.

I admixed water as needed . After boiling potatoes ,I picked up some potatoes from pan.

I made potatoes paste with some boiling potatoes. After boiling 4-5 minutes , i added fry Surma fish in curry .


I boiled 5-6 minutes this curry . Thus I made delicious Surma fish curry recipe .


Surma fish curry is very delicious when it is tasted . So you can try it . I love this recipe .

Phone camera : Mi A1,Redmi note 10 pro max
Cooker @simaroy

Regards @simaroy

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