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Hello Splinterland warriors!

How are you all guys hope you will be blessed and fine here is another post about the Splinterlands game in which i will be sharing the quest rewards of today along with the SPS rewards and its monthly report.



Well, everyone are getting quite rewards of SPS tokens based on their assets holding and i am getting daily 30 to 40 $ rewards in the form of SPS tokens that you can see in the snap or in my wallet. In the current snap you can see my airdrop points that i am getting the SPS rewards on these base in which include the current holding game assets like cards, Dec tokens and SPT tokens but you can increase your points by adding liquidity pools by investing your hive and dec tokens in the tribal dex market. I have 50k dec in my hive-engine and you can get 50k points with equal dec amount but if you add this to liquidity pool your points will be double so you will get SPS tokens with 100k dec tokens from the liquidity pools.



Here is the quest rewards of today that i completed with the water splinter but the players we are facing now a days are so strong and their accounts are full upgraded but still they are sitting in the lower leagues like us. However, i don't have upgraded deck in my account but mostly have level 5 summoners so it not easy to beat your opponent with their max upgraded deck. By the way still i am happy that i am earning good amount of dec from the games and quest rewards so here you can see the rewards of today which is not yummy but something is better than nothing and got two common cards that i will upgrade to next level soon.



Well, thanks to the peakmonsters team for creating such a nice and amazing sites for splinterlands players where they can do many things like renting cards, exploring their gaming activities and watching their battles logs of recent battles and much more today i saw that you can take a snap of your old acitivity so i was checking the claiming sps tokens rewards for the last month and clicked a snap from the upper view that you can see above but later i saw a button for taking screen shot it captured the whole page that you can see where where you can see the full report of my last month earning from sps and staking rewards.

All images are from the Splinterlands website

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