Just buying some gamestate token on hive engine

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Just buying some gamestate token on hive engine

Good evening everyone ....

I hope everyone is well and healthy. I came with you today to give you a little information. In fact, today I bought a new token from #hive engine ...

So I thought I'd talk to you about what kind of token it is and what you can use it for and how you can get it.


In fact, today, those who work on a new blog sites called Inside #blurt, I think everyone knows that they made an announcement that they will make an airdrop that will come to the airdrop from the #gamestate community as we #hive it from Steamit in 2019. This is exactly what was copied, but this is not a blogging site, just a token will be given to you. Depending on how much power you have in your #blurt account, they will not give an open announcement in such a way that they will give full or half but they will give that announcement. ..


I also have a pretty good power on #blurt but I thought to see if I could recognize some more of you so finally I bought a few tokens. Let's see what happens in the future. Hopefully something good will happen so you can buy it if you want Once you read it, you will understand that I will share that announcement post with you.

So friends, this is what I really wanted to share with you. I hope you like it, everyone will be fine and healthy

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