Day by day our body is falling into laziness due to this Korona epidemic, বাংলা কভার গান

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Covid-19: Because of this epidemic, life has become very unbearable. I would say that the daily routine is also getting much worse. In fact, there is no way to know what will happen in the future. There is no guarantee of what to do.


Good morning friends how are you all i hope you are all very good i am mamun left you this corona epidemic among you how life is really unbearable how day after day lying down the whole body is getting lazy that laziness cause nothing to know what will happen in front of him I will discuss some of the topics. I hope you will understand what I am trying to say if you read it carefully.

You all know how this Corona epidemic has been engulfing the whole world for the last few years, how people are living in terror every moment, every moment. And the biggest problem with this is that those who used to work every day, those who used to work very hard every day, are now sitting at home and their physical condition is getting worse day by day. How is it if you sit down.

For example, in my case, our daily habit was to wake up very early in the morning, get up, take a bath, drink some snacks, go to work at eight o'clock and come home again at seven o'clock in the evening after work, then take a bath. You have to eat and drink and lie down.

But this corona epidemic started from where the lockdown was given, there is no work, only holidays and vacations and what is happening during this holiday, in my case, I am saying that in my case, what is happening, not eating and drinking properly, not sleeping, no work. It is not being done as I think I wake up in the morning at one and a half o'clock and again at night I go to bed at three or four o'clock. Now tell me what happens if I wake up late and go to bed late.

What is the work of the day? What is the work of the day? Playing with the mobile. Watching some videos on the mobile. Here is a small discussion with you.

If it goes on like this for a few more months, it will be seen that our body will not want to work anymore because Allready has become accustomed to not working because now if suddenly work is done one day, he does not want to go to work that day and think what will happen next. Concerned neo-hippies and their global warming, i'll tell ya.

I will say one last word on my feet. You will pray that our work will be resumed so that if we cannot work as before, we will have no choice but to leave our body.

Everyone will be fine, stay healthy and pray for me. Thank you all for reading this short post of mine

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