Crypto market is fair Hive is pumping,,,, crypto market update (17-11-21)

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Looking at the current state of the market, it seems that a good time is coming soon when all the #hive users are holding #hive because the amount of price increase since yesterday can be estimated by the end of this year. The price of hive can be #$ 2.
Thanks to everyone for reading our short update and also to @nathanmars.leo for his inspiration maybe today I am doing cryptocurrency marketing like this among you.

I always say I am not an expert or maybe I have been working on cryptocurrency for a long time but I don't have that much knowledge so I share it with you as much as I can.
Yesterday I also gave an update about the market where I said that soon it could be #hive #$1 but today it surpassed that too. I was surprised to see the market today. If this marketing fluctuates, then 24 hours today, the total was $1.30 #hive .....

Now I was a little shocked to see it in the market. I saw it a while ago. It has risen. Now when I see it, it is going down. In fact, it is a normal thing.


Friends, I had to give a marketing update so far today. I hope you like my post of this little marketing update and if I have written any mistake, you will see it with forgiveness. Thank you all.

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