Battle of the day - splinterlands best battling ...

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Battle of the day - splinterlands best battling ...


Hello my all splinter lovers

How are you all? You are all very well. You are very excited today. You must want to know why. So today I played a battle that I never imagined I could win but in the end I saw that I had won.

So I couldn't stay with you anymore to share some details about the setting. I am sharing this post with you today. The first thing I said is that the game I am going to play is a game. ..


As always today I went to my gaming site to complete my daily competition but due to lack of time I can't actually complete it but there are a few battles I have played and like some of those cats I have the battle that I like best. Sharing ...

The #splinter I liked today is the #fire splinter where my chances of winning are often very low but how do I know today the first battle I won without any hassle seems like the card selection was much better for which I could easily learn.


The player that I read was actually a good cut and often let me down, but in the end I lost the opposition player for one of my cards, and I really liked that.

Battle rules and my setup

  • Battle-fire splinter
  • Rules-only common and rear monster can useable
  • Mana cap- 22

My all Card position ...

1_ position using my Melee and reneged attacking card-LIVING LAVA
RARE Fire Monster

2_ position using my renewed attacking card- BEETLE

3_ positions selected -fire elemental card

4_ position using my snake ablity card- serpentine card

5_ position using- just on Melee card ....

Friends, after selecting all my cards, when I started the battle, I realized that I think I will lose the battle, but at the last stage, I saw that I did not have the battery, I lost my opposition player.

I really like playing Battle, so I can't stay anymore. I'm sharing Battle with you. If you want, you can watch battling. I will give the link here.

Everyone will be fine and healthy

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