I am starting Development again.

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Before in my other post i told that I was starting to learn web development and after some months I quit that. But now I am thinking to continue it. I can remember many things about it. Now I want to do something with it. I left web development 2 or 3 years ago but I want to learn it I was thinking. When I quit learning and don’t practice it, I did check websites source page. I look after the websites developed by which language or the developer used which plugins etc. I was good at that type research.

Till now I have that habit to check any websites source page, doing inspect element and have fun with the page. This time I don’t want to lose this chance and I think this time will not take longer to have the position as the past. I remember many things and by practicing somedays I will have my skill back. Web development is like a magic, I mean a power that I wrote something in a editor and I can see other things in the result. Someone said that,” The programmers are the wizards of the future”. And I believe that also, the programmer can do anything by sitting anywhere in a laptop or any computer just with an internet connection.

A developer also a programmer, he needs to learn languages for the development. After some years there will work robots not the man. Who will code for the robot he will get paid, the people who don’t know about it he would lose the job. And no one lose their job. Programmers or developers have good salary though. They earn a lot because they work so hard. Worked day and night to decorate a website and launch it that everyone can visit it and like the interface. And other thing is that no one can hack it or compromise the security system of the website. So that they work so hard for that. Have a good day everyone. Best wishes for you.

Thanks for being with me.

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