Bitcoin Market Price Update

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Greetings to all members of blurt platform specially in this community.

Today, I will shar the Bitcoin market value depending on my observations and understanding. Bitcoin is the most popular tokens in crypto world. Bitcoin is one of the most important token in cryptocurrency, any tokens that depends in Btc will have an impact also the price will either low or high.


Last monitor of BTC rate, around 12:00 AM this day, May 20, 2022 the market value of bitcoin reached 30, 371USDT. But around 12:35AM, this morning the market price downs to 30, 119.06 USDT. There was a slightest change of the market price at around 1:55. The rate of BTC was soaring up to 30, 597USDT. This is the highest market price asnI monitored.


As I watched the price of bitcoin at this time, it reached up to 30, 150.74 or 3.5.percent up. The predictions and the estimated of the 24 hour range will reach up to 30, 150.74 USDT. The market cap of bitcoin is 574, 590, 392, 973 USDT. The 24 hour trading volume is 28, 797, 289,121 and the circulating supply were 19, 044,543 and the total of the max supply is 21,000,000.


As we can see in the graph, we can see the big changes of the market price for 1 month staring April 20, to May 20,2022 computation. The previous Month of April the chart represents that the market value was goes down from 40,000USDT to below 30,000UST yesterday.

The bitcoin price yesterday was 29, 627USDT and the volume was 27,727,376,978. The flow of the crypto currency is not stable, sometimes the prices will going high or low. But more important is we must keep to be consistent of what we are doing. If the price is low, this is the time to buy tokens. For now we must hold our tokens.

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