Useful beautiful flowers

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Oxalis Corymbosa flower is a medicinal plant that can grow in the open or in a protected place, I found this flower on the side of the road when I came home from the rice fields, the plant grows on the edge of a forested road like a road to rice fields.





Although these plants grow on the edge of forested roads, the leaves of these flowers are very useful in making medicine. They are very beautiful, these wildflowers also grow in open places such as grass fields.

This plant can be processed into medicine and is known to prevent 14 bacteria in humans and 3 pathogenic Xanthomonas bacteria that attack plants. This is evidenced by the significant antibacterial activity against phytopathogenic and human pathogenic bacteria.



Flowers that grow wild turned out to be very useful, in addition to their stunning beauty in our eyes, they can also be processed into medicine.

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