The Hearts magazine interviews @megadrive

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Ladies and gentlemen, today I have the privilege to post the interview of @megadrive by the Hearts magazine. Interestingly, he is on the front cover of the magazine

The Heart's magazine is a yearly publication geared towards educating the masses through articles, poems, literature, interviews etc. Each year about 20,000 copies are produced, distributed and sold across Nigeria and beyond. This year's publication featured a very familiar figure on Blurt "@megadrive", and through his interview, we maybe able to learn allot about him and blurt👇



I requested for the PDF of the entire magazine and although I received it today I have been unable to upload it. For those within Nigeria who would love to have a copy, no matter the state you are in you can locate any Sacred Hearts community to pick a copy or indicate in the comment section. @bestkizito @samhenrytenplus and @thejeremiahxo will be getting their copies today.

My community received 2000 copies of the magazine, so you can place your order now. For those in UK and America, copies will be available by next month and as for Italy, by September you will be able to get some copies.
#Blurt to the moon 🌕

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This is awsome!!

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Thanks man

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Congratulations on this great achievement bro and what is most important is your efforts on how to promote blurt. I am still waiting for my copy so I can make a post!

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You will have your copy today

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Super cool ! Thank you for sharing this .

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I am glad I did post it especially now. Well I wouldn't go further because there is tension everywhere. I am glad you are among the few who like it.

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It's really great & amazing news for all blurt members 🥰
Go ahead blurt community 💪💞

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Yes it's really a great project

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You have done marvelously well with this publication.
It is nice to see you promoting BLURT even in this challenging times.
Kudos to @megadrive for his unflinching efforts towards the growth of BLURT.
Congratulations on this successful achievement @dicksonbem

  ·  9 days ago  ·  

Blurt is ours and it is our responsibility to promote it as much as we can

  ·  9 days ago  ·  

Wow 🥰 awesome & great news for all of us 🥰👌

If I had the good fortune to read this newspaper directly ☺️👍

Blurt to the moon 🌙🚀🚀

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Where are you let's see if you can get a copy

  ·  8 days ago  ·  

I Live in Bangladesh

  ·  9 days ago  ·  


So the youth can express freely. . .
But what about those who expressed themselves freely here and been threatened to be frozen/blocked/etc. . .
Is it cause they are not in the youth category???
Just asking cause it seems a bit controversial. . .we are encouraged to express. . .but when people express things that are not liked or agreed by some they are suddenly not encouraged to do so anymore. . .

What if a person read this, and feels like its a nice place to come and join to express themselves, but then what they may share is not agreed/liked by the "leaders"?
They gonna feel they have been lied to. . .
They believe its a place for free speech, but when they speak freely, its frowned upon. . .

My point is, if we encourage free speeach, let people have their free speech. . .

"Nothing to lose" he says. . . But if i express and get my account frozen, then it is not true that there is nothing to lose. . . .

  ·  9 days ago  ·   (edited)

The difference is the free speech you mention was actually an attack on another person continually and infringing on their rights. Abuse guised as free speech.

There is no account freezing you can stop pushing that narrative.

  ·  9 days ago  ·  

Sure.. now there isn't. Why the change in heart?

Why don't you think of us moving forward sir.
We can't go anywhere with this continuous attacks.
No one is above corrections.
The call for peace should be embraced
We are not Devils

  ·  9 days ago  ·  

Why don't you think of us moving forward sir.

Is it my responsibility to move you forward? Is it yours to move me?

No, right?

I am always trying to move forward sir.

We can't go anywhere with this continuous attacks.

If your accusing me of attacking please be specific. What attacks?

The call for peace should be embraced

We are not Devils

Everyone is matey.

I have followed you carefully after you gave me advice on the best defensive approach to the massacre in my country.

Since then I have held you up as a man of high intellectual faculty.
I do not wish to have a misunderstanding from your end.

Moving blurt forward requires a unanimous effort from all and sundry within the community.

The truest test of integrity is in its blunt refusals to accept compromise
I do not wish to overturn your beliefs and interest in the matter at hand, better still I am not accusing you of anything.

My words are very crystal and understandable.
My words is for the peace and growth of blurt.
My words speak for letting our differences with anyone here stay behind bars for good.
My word is free for critics.
I am advocating for a better blurt with no one being seen as a major barrier or obstacle towards others growth. We should really learn to communicate our differences directly to the subject without making it a public sense of ridicule.

Please understand me as not being biased when I say.
Let us end the violence in BLURT
And work in harmony towards its growth.
Thank you sir

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