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I want to sincerely thank @r2cornell for the love showered on me since I joined blurt. He has supported me in many ways. I want to also thank my very good friend @bestkizito, I have not meet him before, we became friends here on blurt and since then he has always supported me. Thanks I really appreciate, God bless you both.

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So nice pictures

Just r2cornell's cheers all around.
But he doesn't care about us.
We, the small users, need to give courage to the small users by supporting them.

"But he doesn't care about us.".. maybe I should shut down all my curation accounts, cancel all my delegations to small users and other curation programs. Sell all my tokens and walk away

When i see this kind of comment, it is what crosses my mind. lately when I see a negative comment like this I mute the person and block them from my Discord Server. Then I at least do not have to read such nonsense.

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Hi friend, congratulations, the shirt looked great on you.

Thank you 😍😍

Congratulations @amicablepeace The T-shirt looks great on you
Thank you for sharing such great content!
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I'm use tomorrow your tag.

This is so lovely
I love every single pose you made with it.
Congratulations dear @amicablepeace

Thanks 😍

@amicablepeace: You are very welcome. Keep up the good work here on Blurt.

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Looks beautiful


Waooooo, really looks good on you. Am ordering mine right away.

Thanks...to order yours, chat @bestkizito . You can pay in Naira or blurt

I am glad you like the shirt. Wear it with pride! You earned it.

Thanks, I really appreciate