📷 :) 263, An exercise makes us healthy.

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I wake up at the right time in the morning. My wife gets up first. Because he has to go home. So she gets up early and starts working. After a while I came out of the room. Then I do hot water, use cumin with hot water. After some time I start exercising. But the wife is busy with her work.


I start doing yoga. Today is Yoga Day. I am very happy to hear. Because I do yoga everyday. It is celebrated as a day for me every day. Yoga Day is celebrated on 21st June all over the world with great pomp. Millions of people do yoga. And his body remains fit. And there is no sickness. I'm also doing a breath-holding yoga pose. I can only hold my breath for 1 minute. The effort is still on. Trying to hold my breath for 2 minutes soon.

I am at petrol pump.

Today I have to go to wife's house. It takes around 1 to 3 hours to reach there. So I quickly start taking a bath. But first let's go to the barber shop. And you get your hair cut. I come home again. I start taking bath. After a while I come out. Got ready quickly.

I start my car. But it has less gas. So I have to go to the gas pump. Quickly reach the petrol pump. Now everyone is standing in line, I am also standing. I'm waiting because my number hasn't arrived yet. So it may take time. I take a picture with my phone.

Stops on the way for some time.

It was 10 o'clock. Then my son is feeling thirsty. So I have stopped the car on the side of the road. And there is a tap there. Then I am filling the water bottle. and gave it to my son. he drinks water. Then I sit in my car for a while. I stay there for some time. And then move on.

Here is my 263th entry

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This is my blurt for today. Thanks for reading.

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