Ulog Day 2 - Goals set

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Ulog day 2,

The idea being is to set goals and document my goals to see if I am able to hit them. In the last ulog I was asking for some tips to get started with learning code.

I was asking for information on python and it turns out we got some interesting post to be written by @learncode. I have made sure to follow them so I can see how python and the hive blockchain work.

The goals I have set out this week are small but easy ones I think I can achieve.

Learn code aka python for 10 hours this week, I am hoping to hit 2 hours a day during the week. I think this is a nice easy goal to start with. The first site I am going to use is https://www.codecademy.com/, I am thinking this is a good start as I have some basic knowledge of code but very little mostly HTML.

day 2 - 25 minutes

The second goal is more to d with hive and getting 2-4 posts out per day. I plan to get out the #ulog and the #grow-log pot every day. But I am also hoping to start getting more posts out in the other great communities here on hive.

I thought that In the ulog I would also add in some of my Crypto goals.

The first goal, of course, is going to be hive, I am hoping by the end of June I can be at 2500 hive. I know this goal has changed and actually gotten smaller I think I can still hit 3000 by the end of the year.

2,409.757 / 2500

The second goal for crypto has to be with my BCH, I have been actually collecting more and more from noise.cash and earning on some days around $1-$3. So nothing much but it adds up much like #hive earning $1-$3 a day adds up. The goal is to get to 0.1 BCH by the end of the month.

0.025980 / 0.1 BCH

Goal number three is to start getting more passive crypto income, I am not a huge fan of the defi sites besides @leofinance cubdefi but even then it is hard to like any site that has its own token and the tokens don't seem to hold value.

The way I plan to do this is likely going to be a centralized place like NEXO for BCH and maybe try to find a liquid stable pool on pancake swap or binance. With pancake, it's more the trust issue why I don't hold funds on it.

For now, under this goal, I am going to list a few places I can earn interest.

Binance ( Liquid swap, Staking)
Nexo ( lending)
Blockfi (lending, No governance token)
Cubdefi Liquid Pool

Thanks for coming a reading my rambling for the day. Please feel free to leave some tips on way to help achieve these goals.

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