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Last week @UltraVioletMag hosted a discord live show called @BlurtCast and it was awesome.

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I participated in the show and I had fun listening to everyone talk about their lives, about their experiences with Blurt and at the end I answered questions about Blurt.

And during the show I promised to sponsor the next edition of the show with 500 Blurt.

Yesterday, I made a transfer of 200 Blurt from my personal account and 300 Blurt from @PowerClub's account.

So, the total amount that users can win is 1,000 Blurt.

And if you guys are interested then make sure to attend the show. It is fun, informative and you stand a chance to win 1000 Blurt.

You can check the announcement post shared by @ultravioletmag: https://blurt.live/blurt/@ultravioletmag/win-1000-liquid-blurt

Make a note of the timing as time zones are different and can sometimes cause confusion.

If you are in India then the show starts tonight at 10:30 PM.

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I love all programs and events held for or about Blurt. I can't be a part of this quiz because I have to wake up early. Best of luck!

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Very generous of you. Thank you so much for promoting and supporting this effort! That is just awesome! I'll be encouraging others to support your witness whenever I can.

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Thanks a lot for promoting this. I feel this week on Sunday we will have so many people. I think it will be even more fun than the previous week. Really excited about that. ☺