Mom's back home now

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Mom is back home now. I went yesterday evening to pick her up from the hospital. My brother has also arrived from Pune yesterday to see Mom.

She is doing well now. Her breathing is better, her blood pressure is normal and she's a bit better.

She needs rest.

Being in the hospital with her for the last few days made me think about all the times I was in the hospital.

I too have asthama and I have been admitted to the hospital a few times because it was difficult for me to breathe.

When I was a kid I would be sick very often and kind of got used to getting pricked with needles and blood being drawn every now and then.

I'll write about it in my next post.

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May she get well soon and live a healthy life!

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Good to hear you guys are both together and doing better. For me it was cutting out the bread and sugar....I hope your guys fix can be as easy as mine.

We don't eat bread. And my Mom doesn't eat much sugary stuff. I used to eat sugary stuff but now I'm diabetic.

My Mon has tried various diets over the last 20+ years. She has asthama.

I'm glad you stopped eating candy and it helped you.

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Thanks Imran. Man, Asthma can be so tricky. I had an aunt who got it later in life, and then my cousin as a child who just naturally grew out of it. I think mine must be connected the flour sugar cocktail. I grew up on sugary cereal and milk for breakfast.....was like the worse thing for me. Hope your mother continues to feel better. And keep up the great work on Blurt!

🙏Take good care of your mother.🙏

I will. Thank you 😊

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I'm glad shes OK

Yes, she's much better now.

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Good of you to care about her, and for your brother to come to town to help.

I do what I can. Sometimes it's easy to care for someone who is sick and sometimes busy schedules and plans make it hard. I live with my parents.

My brother coming down here helped me a lot as I have a new business to look after.

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