Your Truth Of Life Is Different

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Your experience belongs to only you, your experience only knows you
Others are participants in your experience, limited time of your experience
Experience is vast memory, unforgettable memory
Unforgettable in all aspects, all possible aspects.

Life is debatable gift, many cursed this gift
Life is truly a gift? If yes then what kind of gift?
Gift of unbearable suffering, meaningless suffering
Knowingly or unknowingly everyone is part of collective suffering, knowing is suffering.

True story is false and false story is also false, true and false
Others are narrating your story, you are not the owner of your story
World never allows self identity, world fears self identity
Collective destiny, collective story.

Betrayal is the gift of loyalty, life's duality
This duality is reality, truth of humanity
Humans annoyed, humans destroyed
Chaos never ends, chaos is reoccurring and always restarts.

No one can experience your individual experience, they can only understand your experience
They can understand in their own way, they will interpret your experience in their own way
Don't talk about injustice when life itself is injustice, there was no consent of this injustice
Every life is different, your truth of life is different.


(Pictures are edited and used from the Canva application).

Chiranjeevi Sarikonda

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