"Life's Reflection" (a short poem)

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The second you begin to accept
A conviction that the sky is the limit
On the off chance that it is plausible, you begin to accept
Then, at that point in a split second it will shape itself, all that will fall into its place

From the start, everything appears to be obscured
In any case, fogginess will get a handle on its own light
Your life could change forthwith
You will return to that second, then, at that point sense everything

They say you must have the craving to acquire
Change enlightened my life objectives
I will assist myself with developing
Life will take its shape
Age doesn't stop, this time is just a deception

Play the sound of courageousness
Setting behind the horde of your considerations
Light it with bright pondering
Exactly how long will this street lead you the most difficult way possible?

Do you think at this point I can't see the genuine picture?
This planning will keep you close to the genuine vision
A dream to keep you still or running
I could undoubtedly get the possibility

I can work it out without fail in case there's a chance
So what's in question now and past?
I don't need an opportunity to stop,
I'm hanging tight for this time long

Life shows you how petitions and wishes work
Daily routine allows you opportunities for experiencing and giving
Life gets you far from agonizing minutes
Life allows you to envision your future and your world

Life might be a fantasy yet can change into a reality
Life permits you to be valid and yet lie past your reality
Life gives your desires yet sells outcomes
Life opposes dangerous practices yet is delicate to opportunity.

Have a great day!

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