By simply walking along with nature, my stresses are getting less.

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I really love how the water dew form on top of a leaf. I think it is so beautiful and amazing to see water droplets form in this way.

I love the rain because it makes everything seem so fresh and new again. It's like life is coming back to where you are.


Nature is a blessing. It's not just beautiful, it's also a source of life and inspiration. We have so many things in nature that we can't find anywhere else. And we're lucky to be able to see and experience them in our backyard.

We've always been surrounded by nature and it has always been an important part of our lives, but now that we know more about the environment, we understand its importance even better.

We should always take care of nature because it provides us with so much and it's something that is essential for life on Earth.



Nature has always been a vital part of human life. It is something that we should not take for granted and always be thankful for.

The water dew, or morning dew, is a natural phenomenon that is created when the land cools down at night and the air becomes moist. The water droplets form on the surfaces of plants and trees as they evaporate from the soil surface.

Nature life is an amazing thing to see as it's full of color and life. The lovely nature can be seen in many different ways from looking at flowers to looking at trees.


Have a great day!

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