Mobility for Thursday. (Photochallenge #8)

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Well public money is always known for contest,giveaways or anything where public can get benefits. After see the picture you could guess that we are running a photo-contest. This photo-contest will be for every day. So you photographer have daily chance to win.

Theme of photo-challenge

Sunday:- Animals or insects
Monday:- Plants( Tree, fruit, flowers or anything belongs to trees)
Tuesday:- Monochrome
Wednesday:- Action
Thursday:- Mobility
Friday:- Landscape
Saturday:- House, Building or statue


  1. One person one entry.
  2. Post should be 100% yours, No plugriasm.
  3. Make sure to upvote this post.
  4. A single photo will not be a entry. Make sure to write couple of words.
  5. Photo should be taken by contestant. No Google photos nor pixabay free sources photos will be rewarded
  6. Above rules should be followed.

Deadline is curation day of post. Means you get 7 days to get enter in contest but you have to go specific day comment section to put your entry.


It's depends on you. You can enter by making a separate post or you can enter from comment section.
Example:-Like today is Thursday where I live, So today is time for Mobility photos. You can enter with your photo another day too from comment section of this post. If you make separate post then needs to put link on comments section too.
For separate post use #public-money #thursdayphotochallenge


Actually contestants don't care about the value of prize because prize is priceless. If you earn 10$ you can be happy but if you won same amount you will be more happy. However, We have prizes for the winners..

  1. First Winner:- 25 blurt + 50% Vote From @zahidsun
  2. Second winner:- 15 blurt + 30% Vote from @zahidsun
  3. Third winner :- 10 blurt + 10% Vote from @zahidsun
    I would like thanks our witness @zahidsun for Supporting us. As well as i would like thanks witness @imransoudagar for donating liquid blurt.

Please consider your vote as witness.

Vote for zahidsun
Vote for imransoudagar

If you don't win one day then don't worry we are running this contest everyday.

If you have any queries or suggestions feel free to comment.

Best Of Luck.

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This bicycle after a long time. I looked so much better. It's good for everyone

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