Nurturing Human Emotions into Children

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It's a Digital world where gradually we are losing out on human touch, everything has started to become robotic and very soon we will be living in a complete robotic world, where there would be very minimal human interventions. In such a world that we are rapidly moving towards the bigger question is how do we teach Empathy to our kids and the future generations to come. How will those emotions trigger in them if they do not really have human interactions. How will they understand what others are feeling or going through if they do not understand those emotions well.

Nowadays parents substitute their time with gadgets to keep their children occupied, or for them to have their meals, or it would be a bargain to do their homework. So in a way we are more and more attracting children towards these gadgets, because it becomes like a prize for them to do a certain task. May be 100 years down the line a child will never know what it is like going for a play time to a park, probably they would be playing some virtual park games on ultra fancy gadgets. They may not know what it is like hanging out with friends, dancing, singing, because all of that may just be virtual stuff, where everyone will pay their attendance from their own space.

Well, to an extent these things are inevitable, because we are rapidly moving towards the digital world. But still never to lose hope, and safeguarding some of the Children interest, parents must take all efforts in today's time, to foster human connections into them as much as possible. And this can only happen when they give enough attention to their children in person and make them understand that human connections are very important for life to nurture.


Some simple tips that parents can adopt with their children, that will nurture their emotions and also help them stay grounded. Like Reading books with them together. The olden practices of bedtime story telling is one of the best one I can say, it builds a very strong connection between parents and the child. When my Son was small, every night for an hour just before going to sleep, we would spend time in bed doing story telling, and I would also encourage him to tell me stories, be it whatever then. That would give a leap of imagination to him, make him understand, what is joy, what is sorrow, happiness, sadness, worry. It would allow him to understand the different emotions of our human nature.

The other activity that I find very important to do with kids is playing with interactive toys. The different emotions, expressions and the sounds of these interactive toys will make them understand the different emotions. These type of toys do help in nurturing the child's brain and activating their human senses. One more that I find useful is the play pretend activity. As kids we have all played Teacher student games, mom and child games, those little kitchen set, or Doctor's set, teacher's set were very creative. It helped us with a lot of creativity. Doing these little play time with children on different characters of life will give them a chance to express and consider the feelings of the opposite person.

The most important of all is to push them out of the home in a natural environment for play time, so that they do understand what being in nature is like, They will understand the precious freedom of life that they have out in the nature.

It is important that we keep these Human Emotions going on and the Children do understand, what it is like to be compassionate or to be an empath, or to love and be loved back. These are some valuable gifts of our human life and we should not lose them in the Digital world.

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