I got my first Bitclout NFT!

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This is a rare moment that someone offers something that is almost "free".

I really like the quality of work that was put into this piece. The creator @MrWolf could have put a price tag on it but instead, he made the bidding open without any minimum amount. The idea is for anyone to simply bid the bare minimum or any amount that the bidder has to acquire an edition of this piece.

Without any expectation, I simply bid an amount of $0.01 and to my surprise, it was accepted by the creator. And that's how I get my first NFT in Bitclout.


Here's the link to the Bitclout NFT: https://bitclout.com/posts/7fdfb43cde71b60511bf0bd0a4d602f4b46ed6f20ebde939979f796cb7506d25?tab=nfts&nftTab=my_gallery

As the NFT is getting more traction, the creator has finally brought out the rules before it gets abused:


Also, the bidder is getting more competitive as the pieces are quickly selling out.


When Bitclout goes mainstream, these kinds of events will be a lot more exciting. Collecting something is quite addictive.

Right now, the NFT scene in Bitclout is quite chaotic. It's not easy to find the kind of pieces that suits your preference. However, I'm seeing more announcements of NFT Marketplace projects that will come to Bitclout in the coming days.

I think that if any of the potential NFT marketplaces go live, it will streamline the activities of collectors and traders of NFTs.

My journey to the world of crypto.

NFA: Not Financial Advice!


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