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I was surprised to be invited into this topic by one of the pillars of Blurt, Angelica7. Due to my realistic (many prefer to call it cynical) views, this will not be a typical feel good piece that many others would write. Before tackling this, here is a link to the original post by Angelica7.

It’s Not About The Time, It’s About The Intensities!

I believe longevity of life is largely a reality that is beyond ones direct control. It is impacted by many factors we simply have no control over.

  • Genetics.

  • Quality of Life. This would include ones access to healthy food, healthy relationships with all things around them.

  • Access to knowledge that many are unfortunate enough never to encounter.

  • The day to day struggle that one is born into.

To paint a clearer picture on this, I would point to those whose families average life span is in the upper 70’s through perhaps late 80’s. While in my direct family it seems many tend to die in the upper 60’s to very early 70’s as an outlier. Based on this, it’s logical for me to conclude I have perhaps 10, maybe 12 years left. Whereas others in my age bracket could easily have 20-25 years left.

Due to what I see as the laws affecting ones longevity, I believe it’s more important to discuss the ride we take in reaching what for us will be an old age.

I see so many stories of regret when people enter the winter of their lives. Feelings of lost opportunities, of squandered choices. Of walking asleep on autopilot as they agonizingly have traded their limited time here in dull paths that are in support of others demands and dreams. Sacrificing their hearts passions in a misguided scheme to fit into the path(s) the world experts and their life teachers have coerced them into accepting.

This acceptance is one that is the safe path. It releases one (seemingly) from having to take responsibility for failures. From having to tread through the paths of their ignorance because the masters of their paths will do all of the thinking and planning for them.

And in the process of allowing the script of life to be written for them, the masses will sacrifice the intensities that turn a brief second of time into an eternity. Most children will have these intensities before they have surrendered to the worlds demands they submit. Victories that are so intense ones spirit flies into eternity, the power so strong one knows for that brief second they are connected to all as the energy emanates from their very center to the space around their physical bodies.

Taught To Forget, Worn Down To Forget, Trained To Fear Responsibility And Walk Outside Eternity.

In a world of selfishness, where ones neighbors hide behind a mask of friendliness while waiting as a wolf to take from us it is difficult to maintain a sense of balance. A sense of health and good will.

So used to being let down by those who sleepwalk around us, resentments can build as one desires so strongly to know the love and honor of those around us. Yet, it can’t come, because so many have relinquished control of their true heart, and walk in masks that have scripts pre-written for them.

The longing real as despite these masks, in the hidden heart ones passion screams for release. Screams for something real to return the intensity of eternity to ones life.

Biological age is a worthless measurement. The only meaningful measurement is the intensity of ones spirit, of remaining true to the spirit to achieve these intensities.

I remember many years ago reading a vampire story where the main character was fraught with sadness, as he had watched everyone and everything he had loved die again and again. The parallel to the human experience eerie as this longing for the small treasures lost in time all to real, all to painful.

So often I see many speak in bitterness of their brothers and sisters. Complaining how they were left to fail, abandoned by them. Yet in their own walk of life, they too abandon their brothers and sisters. The merchant they have been taught to be as petty and greedy as those they yearn for more from. There is no heart in that path. It is a path lacking in energy.

One must become what it is one seeks. You have to accept that others will bind their crosses of lifelessness to them. That they will most often abandon you, leaving you fallen in your path as they pass you by. And despite that, the path of heart would demand of you that you be for them what they refuse for you. You are responsible for your vibrancy, for your small place in the life you are attached to.

There is an intensity that comes from being true to life’s needs around you. To shining as an example as you demonstrate to yourself and those who are affected by such demonstration that certain things are sacred and you honor that sacredness. To ignore the blatant disregard so many choose to exhibit when it comes to sacredness.

Those who ignore it are doomed to being a leaf in the wind, and you will witness many of them come to you as their heart cries for relief, cries to taste the intensity of life once more as they did as children. There is a sacredness and nobility in aiding them, even if they are most likely to discard it once you have applied the salve to their illness.

Growing old is nothing to be afraid of. The thing to be afraid of is walking a life with the spirit of your heart absent as you become the very things that dis-ease your being. Forgive yourself in your failings, and love yourself and the life around you for the sacredness it is. Be what it is you desire, and despite the many hurts and longings, the intensity of eternity will grace your life, even if it’s just for a brief fleck of time before you are done here.

Angelica7 asked in her post for us to invite two more folks we hold in high esteem to participate. I’m going to ask that @blessed-girl and @steemibu351 to please join this with a post of their own.


In the water, crystal clear
On the earth and in the air
In the shadow, in the light
In the day, and in the night

Filled with fear, filled with faith
The one who's true, the one who betrays
Will you surrender, before it's too late
Do you believe in the golden gate

I can feel it all around
In every song, in every sound
In the mountains, in the trees
Feel it in the air, I breathe

Hear the whisper, in your ear
I'm in love, I do not fear
Inside your heart, beneath your skin
It's in the dream, you're living in

Can you rise from the dirt
Can you love, like you've never been hurt
If you been hurt, can you still believe
can you set your spirit free
undo your mind
undo your mind

You are the seeker, you are the child
You are the lion, running wild
You are the master, you are the slave
You are the door, in your hiding place

I can feel it all around
In every song, in every sound
In the mountains, in the trees
Feel it in the air, I breathe
undo your mind
undo your mind
undo your mind

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Be around children - that should stop old people feeling old.
Isn't that what grandparents are for?

That would have made proper sense just 2 years ago. Now, really depends how psychotic your family has become. Walk away might be better advice.

I don't see the mind growing old!

Be around children - that should stop old people feeling old.
Isn't that what grandparents are for?

I had mine over recently for several days and she made me feel old physically as well as revealed my patience is still a struggle. Her parents allow her to be wilder than I allowed my son, and much wilder than most parents back in my time allowed their children. Her noise levels were off the charts as well as her energy levels.

I don't see the mind growing old!

This gave me pause to reflect. I began noticing my aging health wise, as the cumulative bad choices I made had transformed me from an athlete even into my early thirties into what I am today. Everything, including my ability to heal has slowed way down.

I even see it now in my mental acuity. An example of this was when I was younger I could quickly perform large number math problems in my head, demonstrating several times over the years I could do so quicker than others could punch the numbers in their calculator. While I can still do math in my head it is not with the speed I used to. There appears to be freezes now and I have had to discipline myself to not get discouraged and force a placeholder to reset myself in mid equation, if that makes sense.

That freeze I mention affects other areas as well. I'm not positive that the cause is entirely aging, as it could also be something that has an external source of long exposure that has slowly grown in its ill affect on me.

I've mostly associated the loss of sharpness with aging, however given the drastic changes I've seen in others over the last half century, it very well could be external as I suspect many of the changes I've witnessed are.

They do love immersing us here in the states with as many poisons as they can from as many sources as possible.

lol. on first reading I thought you had a visit from your grandmother!!

Her parents allow her to be wilder than I allowed my son, and much wilder than most parents back in my time allowed their children. Her noise levels were off the charts as well as her energy levels.

prob hyper from toxic food. Interesting how one can mistake hyper for freedom, when the trap is the inability to power down and chill.

I've seen lots of kids like that - then see what they put in their mouth.

Yeah, I was being slightly provocative with the mental acuity angle - luckily I don't feel any degradation - indeed, in some areas I'm probably sharper than in my 20s.

This medical tyranny has been a focus, but even without it I would probably have gone further into the physics of mind issue. There is even a mechanism where they meet - so many people deteriorate rapidly post-gene-jab with neurodegenerative conditions. Wonder why? The spike proteins attack the mitochondria, while the graphene oxide may well find the existing biomagnetites in the brain, nose and other locations. Memory degradation and loss of smell would be pathological symptoms IMO.

It’s Not About The Time

Yes, I think so too. It seems to me partly as if there is a kind of core of being, a soul, which has set itself certain experiences for this life. When these are fulfilled, or for some reason cannot be fulfilled, the soul says goodbye to this life.

So much is out of our hands and when my time is up, I will move on.

So much is out of our hands and when my time is up, I will move on.

Yes, exactly. I've always had a distrust of the medical field, but even without that I've told those close to me repeatedly that if I fall badly ill, I don't wish to go to a cold hospital where I'm removed from the things I cherish. I wish to die with complete freedom surrounded by the few things I take comfort in, even if it shortens my life some bit.

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