RE: Los recuerdos son parte de la vida / Memories are part of life [ESP-ENG]

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Los recuerdos son parte de la vida / Memories are part of life [ESP-ENG]

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This is probably one of the most heartfelt pieces of writing I have had the pleasure to read in some time. We take for granted how life was much less convenient for generations before us, today we complain about petty things the fast-food order taking longer than expected, having this kind of insight into the past puts most of the materialistic, instant-gratification craving modern society to shame.

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We complain about many things that have a solution, so we spend a lot of time thinking about why we do not achieve one thing or another that we end up exhausted and enter a sea of complaints.
When we make a trip to the past and we remember everything our ancestors had to live is when we come to reason to say, I can, I can be strong, I can also learn to live without complaining, and worry less, not live so fast. But also being grateful for everything that I have to live because life is gold and it is beautiful.
Thanks for your words.
Good vibes.