Daily water intake levels

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We all know that two thirds of the human body is water.
Almost all metabolism in the body is inoperable without water.
This is why many people call water "life".
Physicians also encourage patients and even ordinary people to drink more water.


The water we drink is mixed with more water produced by metabolism in the body and travels around the body through the blood.
At one stage it flows through the kidneys and all the toxins are excreted from the body through urine.
So if you do not drink enough water, if the waste products do not come out of the body, the body will swell.
As a result, there is a possibility of human kidney failure.

According to medical science, drinking water increases immunity.
But the basic idea in the minds of the people is that drinking water keeps every part of the body, especially the kidneys, very healthy and strong.

However, note that if someone's kidneys are healthy. However, drinking too much water increases the level of his bathroom. And if the kidney is damaged, then the water accumulates in his body and increases the severity of the disease.
To prevent urinary tract infections, it is important to drink enough water and develop the habit of urinating.


Basically, according to medicine, a healthy person should drink three liters of water per day. Of this, one and a half liters of water should be drunk - which is equivalent to eight glasses of medium glass of water.
One liter out of the remaining one and a half liters is found in the food we eat.
Half a liter of water is made by metabolism inside the body.
About two liters of this water is excreted as urine.
Some water goes out with the stool.
And about one liter of water is excreted through our breath and body sweat.

In this way I drink water according to the rules.
And everyone lives a healthy and beautiful life.

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