Self Love needs to be on the Top priority of our List

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Expressing Love is not a very difficult task and we are all very good with it, rather I can say masters in it when it comes to expressing love for other people, but when it comes to self there is always a compromise. We tend to become hard on ourselves and give our own selves lesser priority. But why so, when we are so good at expressing Love to others why cannot we do the same for our ownselves. Why do we always put others first and then us.

Right now we are all going through very delicate moments and in such times taking care of our ownself should be our top most priority. How we behave and act with others and also with our own-selves effects everything and everyone in our life. When we open up our heart and surrender to the feelings of love and compassion not only for others but for ourselves too it is then when we are in complete state of Love and Compassion.

while we understand others with a lot of compassion but when it comes to own self we end up with thoughts like I must have done something wrong to get something not very good in return. By human nature we are always criticizing and judging !!!!!!
It's ok even if we are wrong or have made some grave mistake, but that does not mean we end up punishing our self, It is so important to treat our own-self gently and with as much compassion as we would do to other people. Only if we consider our self our own dear one, will we be able to stop judging our self strongly. It's not about we being good or bad its only about circumstances and situations that we are going through, hence don't form opinion. Give that space and freedom to self and the liberty of being nice and loving to own-self.


Forgiving self is the highest order of forgiveness. It allows us to breathe the light into our heart center. Forgiveness first starts with own-self and only when we are able to forgive our self will we be able to forgive others. With this we learn to accept and love our self and others just the way we originally are. When we speak of Love, we associate love with our spouse, parents, children, siblings, even physical love anything and everything but ourselves.

Most of us have got into a habit of becoming martyrs, I do everything for everyone but I just refuse to take care of myself. This at the end of the day only ends you up with a feeling of frustration, because in all those others you have buried yourself deep down and that poor heart is crying out "Please look at me also"

When we are in a state of self love automatically everything around us will be in harmony. We will not have to take any efforts to prove our love to anyone, cause self love means you by your true nature is Love and what you are you will spread the same energy around.

Today take sometime out for your self and do what you enjoy and love, do not feel guilty about spending your own time for your self. Be happy with yourself first, only then will you be able to spread happiness around. Specially in these times when our mental health needs maximum boost it is important to be there for own self first and then tend to others.

Thank you for visiting my blog. 👼🏻👼🏻💖💖🌹🌺🌸

"Unlimited Abundance, Blissful Happiness and Unconditional Love"

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I often have thought that the mechanism of the Catholic church through confession is really a ritual for self forgiveness. One wonders how God could ever forgive one and structuring a mechanism as they did to claim allowance for such forgiveness can be a trigger for self forgiveness.

Sadly, I think many mistake narcissism as self love, and I suspect in reality it serves as a fertile ground for self loathing, as one begins to need that false affirmation from others. When that need isn't fed, the person in question will find their self appraisal disappear as they are left alone with their self judgement, knowing they have built their energy upon an illusion that left them powerless.

Absolutely, I will call these type of people very self-absorbed and the day the mirror breaks, their very existence is in question. All the old rituals were put up with a lot of thought, but sadly we started interpreting in the manner that best suited us. Confession as you mentioned is a good ritual for self-forgiveness, but then one needs to move ahead from there and not keep circling in it. I believe that when this self-love truly happens, not only are ourselves in a happy state but even the others around us get that energy.