Are you Down With the Clowning around Facial Recognition?

in meme •  last month 

Hello Juggalo and Juggalette
For some of you who are down "Whoop whoop"
To all the rest of you "Whoop whoop"
In desperate times there are not so desperate measures that can be used to get around those pesky corporate shills who want to watch you while you poop.
Here is a way that get around the government while having some sober fun being a part of the family.
It should be fun, it should be easy and some times it is both...Take some time to go commit a act of clown-ery like writing a message on the wall of some park or train that has impact on the people who see, while acting like a clown and clowning around.
Here is another one for your mind
Even ol Eugenics billy gene psyco-the-rapist of your genes is on down with the clown
Then i come across things like this that have the same idea as using point to dis recognize your simple and easy it is to Clown around the system if you think it is a joke.
Can we stop doing this now and move on to having healthy beautiful, everyone feed and homes, lives.
It is not Zero sum game as they told you it is, there is abundance everywhere if you open your eyes.
Or do you actually want to live in a totalitarian control prison that lets you be free inside your prison pen?
There are other options, there have been all along, it is your choice.

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