Everything will end one day !

in life •  4 months ago 

Try to observe the non living things around you as it might let you explore great things. I was looking at my keyboard and saw something that attracted me to write about it.

In our keyboard the right side num pad and on the number 1 it's written end. Everything ends at 1 so no need to go in a hypothetical situation.

See the photo below.


What i try to make out of that end written on the number 1 is that everything will end one day be it happy or sad time on of your life. it will end one day and days will change.

Life will change to death one day as well and this earth will change to the day of judgment one day. One day is really a strong word to me and i think there is a reason why end is written on 1.

What do you think of this ? Am i just thinking too much or it might be true.

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